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Scandals in the works – BSEM meeting, London, Feb2011.

Scientific Scandals – the British Society for Environmental Medicine, BSEM, meeting, London.March 11th, 2011. Dr David Freed – “A tablet a day keeps the patient at bay”. “Blimps versus nuts” – trust neither and believe no one (some kind of … Continue reading

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Genetics subverted – by its establishment

There were two esteemed professors in Oxford University who wrote a letter to The Guardian on 28/1/10. It read like this: “Dear Sir, “Despite the enormous complexity of the human genome, geneticists are continuing to reveal many DNA changes that … Continue reading

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Battlefield Blues

Battlefield blues I wake up each morning,  And get into my range  I open the windows,  And I see there’s no change. Then I light up my computer,  It hums just like before And you know what it tells me? … Continue reading

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Ghenghis Clohn

The family line. Ghenghis Khan is supposed to have countless descendents scattered around central and eastern Asia, all full of the genes he scattered so wildly, all those years ago. All these identikit Ghenges and Ghengesses awaiting the call to … Continue reading

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Semantic systems biology meets evidence based medicine – a parable.

What is Semantic Systems Biology? Semantic technologies are playing an increasingly important role in capturing and modeling biological knowledge. Semantic systems biology can complement the bottom-up approach with data-driven generation of hypotheses. Therefore, Semantic Systems Biology (SSB) is a systems … Continue reading

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The Elephant in this Jungle

One of my favorite poems is The Tale of Six Blind Wise Men and the Elephant. Not one can describe it properly and each choses answers based on his previously obtained biases/experiences. Each is really just a specialist with no … Continue reading

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