Scandals in the works – BSEM meeting, London, Feb2011.

Scientific Scandals – the British Society for Environmental Medicine, BSEM, meeting, London.March 11th, 2011.

Dr David Freed – “A tablet a day keeps the patient at bay”.
“Blimps versus nuts” – trust neither and believe no one (some kind of in-house joke, I think). Do dox do more harm than good? Forexample when dox went on strike people’s health improved or the more dox in country the more babies die.  He didn’t believe in conspiracy theory but is changing his mind.“Who gave dox the right to intervene with healthy people?” [ Fear, I reckon!]
He felt that herd immunity was a valid idea. Later, I discussed it not with him but with Halvorsen en route to lunch, who had to agree with me when I said herd immunity was natural exchange of bugs, giving constant updates on new infectious mutations etc and materno-feotal passage of up to date information but said “the opposite could also be said to be true so one had to chose”. Then later in whole room I asked Andy about it. That was an ace moment and got very positive reaction so made the point ie vaccination destroys any natural herd immunity rather than creating it. My point clearly that vaccination kills any true “herd immunity”. And don’t forget that vaccinated immune response is only short lived so not only is the mechanism compromised but also the immunity is an illusion. Wow – Eureka moment – this is why they want to get rid of the illnesses totally as in “We’ve wiped out polio, smallpox etc”. Because they know there’s no lasting immunity to fight off the bugs!

Dr Jayne Donegan
Vaccination – the Science
but really her history plus an excellent exercise on the interpretation of published scientific papers.
An interesting slide showed only 13.4% of GP consultations resulted in positive outcomes!
She said you should only read the methods and results of scientific papers and not the conclusions, which were usually written for the sponsors of the work – as I already do, of course!
David Elliman, GMC, gave her a hard time for not taking the same conclusions as the authors but, hell, she won at the GMC so was suitably persuasive and very well prepared. Like Andy she showed remarkable strength and tenacity to see the matter through a harrowing series of tests up to the final GMC “Star Chamber”
She reckons there’s 1000 kids not vaccinated in UK each year so there is an excellent control group available.

Dr Halvorsen
Talked of his road through atopy [potentiated?], allergy etc from around 1995 to his present status as questioning the over use of jabs and the over early use of them but not coming out strongly agin their use in fact having left the NHS to set up a single jabs clinic I think he has a vested interest in the status quo! Still, he is nice and receptive of ideas. Thus I had the herd chat with him. I reckon he’d like to “come out” against jabs but money talks, as does the GMC!
He has a book with a cover, with a group of ominous syringes, just like the NHS supplement in a recent New Statesman which was vehemently pro-vaccine use.
“Most vaccines are T-helper type 2 inducing IgE stimulation and both these give rise to allergy”.
All contain Aluminium, a powerful inducer of IgE.
Catching measles reduces the risk of Asthma by 80%.
Early chicken pox reduces risk of Excema “atopic dermatitis” by 96%.
But cannot he see that the reverse is true ie the jabs cause the problem so no jab no problem!
UK babies get 100x the safe level of Aluminium – which has always been in jabs – and it’s a persistent substance ie it is but slowly eliminated by the body.
Quoted Hannah Poling story – multi jabbed on one day – and David Salisbury saying that 1000s of antigens are ok on one day. Did not support Salisbury!
Some discussion, too, of toxic metals in food and how they are not absorbed into the bloodstream so their toxic content is irrelevant – its just excreted straight away. Mercury in sea food is a good example of this.
He quoted “The govt cant bear any suggestion of lack of safety of vaccines. They will not even discuss it. I think they have a policy of suppression of any discussion of the subject” from a member of the Cochrane panel. I must look up Cochrane a bit more to see how it could be brought to work on those Finnish etc studies as it’s obviously a powerful tool. I tried once to challenge Goldacre on this – to have a Cochrane Review, CR, on the MMR trials. It will happen, I have every faith!

Dr Lucija Tomljenovic, University of British Columbia
“Public deceit, abuse of power and flawed science – JVCI policy” was an intro into how the public image of the vaccination policies is kept high, protected and expanded.
Talked of meningitis arising from jabs and polio being maintained by jabs.
Talk of “susceptible subsets of children” [An horrible misuse of genetics, here, which should be clarified, I reckon.]
Antibody titre does not mean protection from the disease – data available. This I’ve often wondered about as it’s but an in vitro measurement and cannot relate to the “clinical picture”.
Multijabs idea based on a study which only ran for 7 days!
Persistently and systematically over emphasising vaccine benefits.
“Considered unreasonable to ask a paediatrician to report for a period of six years.”

Prof Michel Logeril, Grenoble
Gave an interesting presentation on statins research and development as a product.
“So you understand what I mean?” We nodded. “Yes, they lied”. Being all about the same issue as Jayne demonstrated – simply that you should always look at the data and how it is depicted. Often, as above, used to support the opposite to what it actually demonstrates. He gave several examples, such as two prints of the same curve first for 4.5 years and second, as published, for just 4 years. In the last six months the curve rose steeply and totally negated the conclusion drawn from the 4 year curve. Yes, they lied!

Gardasil talks – Leslie Carol Botha, USA, and Freda Birell, Scotland.
– Gave background to what is, at best, a twenty year uncontrolled trial on an international cohort of young women. It is verging on criminal. No, it is criminal. Lots of data to support this claim.
For example – effects of environmental oestrogens.
Huge list of side effects to the jabs in US – around 50 deaths out of 22000 reactions.
Possibly the worst issue here was also the marketing of the product – Manufacturers won a prize for “savvy disease education and building a market out of thin air”.
The UK’s “Primed for Life” campaign was heavily criticised, as well.
They are making a film of “One more girl” to cover the issue and show it as much as possible.

Dr Ellen Grant
-The pill is an unmitigated disaster she found and promply lost her job!
Couldn’t get really important work /research published.
You can’t miss an autistic child.
Suggested that the growth in autistic spectrum disorder (asd)/autism parallels the growth in the use of the pill, and so the two should be investigated together.
Has figures also showing parallel increases in breast cancer and asd/autism. Same reason.
Earlier you start pill the higher the bc rate. “And there’s an hrt effect, too.”
“And it’s food allergy not food intolerance”!
“Ann Cunningham has seen the figures on London tap water and [says she] wouldn’t touch the stuff”. That’s oestrogens in the water.
There was a bit about the mitochondrial DNA being damaged by pill use and its appearance in autistic/asd profiles, too. Connection? Are mitochondrially compromised kids less able to fight off the immune compromise resultant from vaccinations? Tenuous but could be contributory.

The Andy Wakefield
Callous Disregard.

Started with example of a small study of 4 asd and 4 control finding a measurable difference in brain structure. Result – researcher lost his job!
From around 1980 the autism numbers started to rocket – a hockey stick, even.
Causation complex ….talked of “etiological synergy”. Grain free milk free diet came up – no coincidence? He agreed. This diet emerged in the 1970s from DrF Curtis Dohan and his management of mental illness then grew up into a more general anti allergy diet eg with David Freed’s work.
There’s no word for autism in Somali, or Multiple Schlerosis, MS, or Crohn’s Disease. In New York refugees from Somalia these conditions are very evident. So it’s environment and not genetic makeup.
In Indians in UK Crohn’s is found at high level. It’s unknown back home in India. But they do some jabs in India so is it environmental, too? I wonder whether the incidence of Crohn’s is increasing in India today – in it’s burgeoning middle classes, in particular where it would be noticed.
Or again is the US problem only evident because there are far higher survival rates of infants than back in Somalia? [I use the tree seedlings analogy to counter this latter where the survival to adulthood of an acorn, say, is a chance and not a genetic event.]
There’s vitamin D deficiency because there’s less sun in Minnesota than the Somali plains, where they make their own copiously! So does poor physiology help give rise to immune challenges?
Talked of vaccine virus associated epidemics – Gwynedd mumps outbreak amongst 95% vaccinated kids being a good such example.
Also “what happens when immunity fades”?
And polio virus in nappies as danger to the changer. Like that – “Changer Danger.” But not if the changer has good immune system or natural immunity.
Also thought that the “link of gut to brain was an exploding field”. I’d love to rescue me dad’s work in this field, so far before his time that the relevance was not there.
Then down the pub for a well deserved chinwag and sup of organic cider.
Conversation flowed and I learned a good deal of background from Rob Sawyer and a colleague who’s name escaped me. Rob is ex Oxford, lawyer and a fundraiser. Quite early on they saw how the wind was blowing and set up “Visceral” as the fund raising focus for Andy and others to have post Royal Free support. Wise move and it has proved to be useful indeed. For funding gosee Robert and he practically invited me to, too.
John Stone, Age of Autism and Cry Shame UK Editor was interesting too and I had a good chat with him, if not so detailed as that with Rob who also introduced me to Lorraine, who’s doing genetically slanted biological science research in Edinburgh. No time to sort out the nature of this work, sadly. Another time, I guess, but good to know it’s ongoing.

Folk talked with / caught up with   at the meeting:
David Freed
Andy Wakefield
Ellen Grant
Jean Monroe
Rob Sawyer
John Dan Stone
Lorraine Researcher
David Thrower
Jan Percival
Arnica folk – an excellent newer naturopathic pressure group – chatted with their founder.

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