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How’s this for Dogmatism?

“How can we demonstrate or exemplify the quality of good science ?” Elizabeth had asked, elsewhere, but I felt it needed promotion to a separate discussion. Me: Good scientists: Archimedes, Gallileo, Newton, Darwin, Andy Wakefield Moderate scientists: Mendel, Watson &Crick … Continue reading

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Just because.

There can be the long, reactive, fully editorialsied version. But first there is the neat, pure version posted, of what was. Just because: 1. “I fail to see how you can ‘cure’ disorders such as depression by rubbing two sticks … Continue reading

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Beware Psociety’s Determinista

I have grown to admire the capacity for exchange and development of ideas that the internet now provides. With the right people answers can be moulded by drawing from all within a group. Unlike a chat or a public meeting, … Continue reading

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