Am I a bioterrorist?

From :  International Medical Council on Vaccination, Facebook chat room – February, 2012.

“The collector has requested the public to inform the police or the nearest health centre, if they have any information regarding anti-vaccination groups or about their campaign.”

[Who is “The Collector”?]

Dr Arif Hussain   Its a move to arrest knowledge, but the history have proved that, knowledge always wins. Let them do what ever they want, but we are ready to treat  “Bad effects from Vaccination”.

[His quotes. WHY quotes?]

Chris Hemmings  Sadly, Dr Hussain, I do not have your confidence that knowledge always wins. The conflict of interest over this status quo maintains my income and my reputation versus the open admission of harm caused is too great for too many. So much better to not cause the damage rather than attempting to treat the results.

[Then I thought further about the original quotation:]

Chris Hemmings  So protecting the biological integrity of my children makes me into a bio-terrorist? That’s so frightening and really underlines the desperate need to raise funds for substantial and objective research into the subject.

I would like to see founded a “Centre for Immunogenesis and Immunodevelopement” to specifically follow the chain of reactions in human immunobiology and the distortions that result from what appears to be gross overstimulation and incorrect activation of a profoundly complicated yet incredibly strong and perceptive physiology.

Further there should be a goal to designate the conditions which enable optimal response from the innate immune mechanisms, that incidents of bacterial/viral imbalance can best be avoided and, in crisis moments, be best alleviated.

The conversation ended but I still felt aghast at the original statement. They play a long game and can afford to with the full backing of the medico-industrial and political matrix behind them. If these drive police intervention and promote an institutional atmosphere which labels we who argue against vaccinations as essentially illegal/anti state activists then of course I worry.

I am confident that future generations will unravel this web of misinfomation as true, non-damaging routes to far better health are opened out. The above demonstrates clearly, though, how the path will not be straightforward as the establishment’s defense mechanisms are strong and being always strengthened at present. To the question “Why?” the answer is so obvious – they have vastly too much to lose, both financially and also reputationally.

And that’s what worries me most of all.

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3 Responses to Am I a bioterrorist?

  1. Reblogged this on No Compulsory Vaccination and commented:
    Interesting and frightening. Are people who choose not to vaccinate really considered bioterrorists? Where will it end?

  2. Sandy Lunoe says:

    In Norway we are under police suspicion for simply BELIEVING in something.
    From the Norwegian police ”Trend report 2012”. (Page 42). (English translation):
    “Conspiracy theorists have been active for many years but there has been significant recruitment the last two years.

    They may be classed in two camps: One includes the classical theorists who believe that the society is ruled by a small hand picked elite.
    New World Order, Bilderbergs, Rothchilds, Rockefellers and the Stoltenberg (Norwegian prime minister) dynasty are typically named elite groups.

    Another part of the conspiracy theorist environment focuses on so-called chemtrails and anti vaccine campaigns –the authorities’ supposed intentional poisoning of the population.
    There is no defined line between these two fractions and many are represented in both camps.

    There are two reasons why the group should be noted as a new trend which should capture the interest of the police. Part of the environment works actively to gain contact with official people and to then reveal their hidden agenda. Some pretending to be journalists have managed to get close physical contact with several central politicians. Most of these meetings have been directly unpleasant for the official persons.

    The other factor is the organizing of unannounced actions and demonstrations against departments, health institutions and similar. The police have several times been obliged to dissolve the demonstrations and arrest people who have performed such activities.
    Several of the involved in these environments have psychiatric diagnoses”.

  3. greencentre says:

    Thanks, Sandy, for that revealing extract from the Thoughts of the Oslo Police Establishment Defence Unit! Or are they simply “The Thought Police” as depicted so well in film?

    It is, of course, nothing to do with “conspiracy theories”. My beliefs have no reference to conspiracies. This is not “a wish to poison the population” this is institutionalised defence of both a profitable business and also a collective professional reputation. The participants are unable to think outside of their guilded box, save those brave few who who somehow have broken free – the admirable and resilient Dr Jayne Donegan (look her up – she’s a star!) and brave Former Dr Andrew Wakefield being a large percentage of them.

    It’s not “We must suppress the dissent” it is simply “we will always search for evidence supportive of our case and so dismiss contrary evidence as specious.” It is a faith based medicine, dependent on the belief instilled in childhood and later emphasised in medical school that vaccination conveys immunity. This case has never been demonstrated and, further, resultant damage has never been quantified as it’s usually just denied.

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