Why are socialists so in awe of science?

I am so flabbergasted by the left, and even the radical left,  being heartily behind the vaccination scam that i had to put on me cap an’ think about it for a while. After due cogitation it slowly began to dawn on me, and, as this happened, I found myself writing out the revelation thuswise:

In the beginning was Comradeship who spake thus:

“You, the enmeshed working classes, be you of blue or of white collar, shall learn that which is of good for you and the workings that you may achieve. Within this system you shall trust that other workers will act in the same manner as yourself and that their workings will be based on the same principles as thine own. Thus all are accountable to the greater workings of the social structure as part of which we all shall toil. (Excepting those who are by choice or otherwise without active function in said structure and are so designated unemployed.)

“Within these travails shall be many that you, as an individually and appropriately skilled person in your own right, will not have the first clue as to how they achieve their respectful and respective contributions. Yours is simply to consume the results of their labours, as and when necessary. As such you will perform this role with trust and enthusiasm, for, in this manner, your appreciation of their productivity and the realisation of their aims will be conveyed to them.

“Such is the position of science and, lo, the operators of The Sciences are regarded with appropriate admiration and respect, for they have used their skills, built up within them by the successes of our carefully adjusted  and constantly improved educational system and chosen due to their integrity and fullest comprehension of the responsibilities to be placed with them due to their clear demonstration of scientific abilities so as to achieve the research goals provided for them.

“Each, of course, may only work within a clearly defined sub-section of the myriad scientific specialisations, and will not attempt to opine on, let alone work within any other. For that would, of course, be futile, as he or she would not possess the required sub-sets of data to develop any relevant, trustable or cogent input.

“Demarcation, you see, is the name of the game. Brothers and Sisters of the Working Population I must re-emphasise to you how fundamental this is to our continued prosperity, nay to our existence itself. Just as during the 1970s the Steel Labourers of Porth Cawl and elsewhere were clearly divided into groups of individuals uniquely qualified to perform each and every task, according to prolongedly negotiated and demonstrably fair, safe and meaningful descriptors, so, now, we must have similar categorisations.”

Comradeship smiled contentedly to himself, for he had gone through a sticky patch after that crazy woman tore apart so much of his dearly loved institutions in the 1980s. He’d had to burrow deep for a while and stay out of sight but had never given up. Under the ineptitude of that minor Major and then hidden by the glare of Bliar’s teeth everything had been remodelled. “Boom forever” Brown had bankrolled it. “What a wonderful leader he was. Whatever happened to him? Not important. They wont get me.”

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