On patents and India

There’s moves afoot in India to free certain overpriced drugs from their manufacturer’s patent protection as they can show folk ailing and dying as they cannot afford to purchase these chemicals. In this the Indian legal system has strong grounds following recent global agreements on fair access to remedies for all. A global NHS in essence.

I think this progress dates back to the AIDS scandals of fairly recent years where the African pandemic of this condition was being so poorly catered for. Drug companies, of course, say how they need to make their profits so’s they can develop new drugs in the future. Not to bolster up their profits, you understand, nor to cement their positions as providers of good health.

It is, of course, a totally untenable position and yet we let them hold on to it. Pharmaceutical firms should not carry out R&D work at all. Their role should simply be to manufacture generic chemicals as requested by agents of health restoration. These folk, in turn, should be informed by the results emanating from the endeavours  of independent, detached research teams, examining best outcomes in the correction of metabolic and other imbalances.

There’s much talk at the moment of the top down censorship of internet content, streaming of music and film beyond the control of those holding copyrights. Modern counterfeits only wholly free to the downloader. There is a strong institutional fight against the practice but it seems more and more Canute like – they will not be able to hold back this tide.

Better to develop new models for provision and use of the materials. There emerge online currencies and online provision of fundamental material data. So you can now download the blueprint to build a super fuel efficient car in your garage. This could become a pharmaceutical paradigm, too, though maybe not aimed at the garage chemist but freely downloaded by reasonable, patient oriented pharmaceutical manufacturers on a global basis.

Drugs should not be be a route to health blackmail and disproportionate profit and their efficacy should be beyond question.

As the present system so fails to meet all these strictures it requires urgent alteration.

I urge my new paradigm.

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Non grant supported hence independent scientist, green activist, writer and forest planter.
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