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It really makes me sick

Take care, there’e a new JAB coming up – this time it’s for: Rotavirus -So,  here’s the Wiki of it with additions and annotations from me  covering it as  a childhood sickness, but also typhoid and other states of alimentary  … Continue reading

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Weinstein’s Question

“No homeopathy, just care, attention, good nutrition and absolutely NO JABS”, I answered to an online questionnaire, set on parents’ attitudes to quantity, if any, vaccinations they’d consider for their kids, by Daniel Weinstein, who maybe regretted this step later … Continue reading

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Sieving Acres of Gold?

I recently found the weight of research articles published in praise of flu jabs, resultant from controlled, double blind trials, quite hard to respond to. Yes, I knew that there was bias derived from the Big Pharm sponsor of the … Continue reading

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