The Curious Case of Panorama’s Blind Reportage – SSPE, MMR and the limitations of Sarah

Oh dear, and I must apologise. This case has been on my storyboard for a long while now but I’ve just not thought to write it up. It has Hamlet  – “There’s something rotten in the State” – all over it. And it predates other aspects of the BBC’s decline from sage to gutter rat.

If you’re all sitting comfortably then I shall begin. It all started in late winter, ten years ago, in the middle of a Great Storm. The Storm was reported in all the media and battles had ensued over its causes and its impacts. The Storm was, of course, Andy Wakefield and his mild critique of the MMR multiple vaccine. Resultant from his mild critique victims of the process had been going down, as parents refused to allow doctors to give this jab to their kids. The Medico-industrial Complex hated this attack on their legitimacy and Andy was ritually crucified by the General Medical Council in its Star Chamber.

As I say, the media had a field day – some papers (Daily Mail) pro Wakefield, most (like left wing supporting Guardian and Observer) very pro GMC. To this day, I cannot understand how such a split arose that liberal even mildly socialist organs can be pro corporate industrial institutional negligence but, hey, who am I to know?

BBC ‘s Panorama went to town and had a double bill – first a long programme of investigative journalism, fronted by one Sarah Barclay, and then a room full of discussants to chew through the issues to establish where the truth lay. You know the sort of thing. The sort of programme which airs the issues, has lots of sound, fury and fisticuffs where possible, and lets you make your own mind up.

Oh, I’ve got so many papers, letters, video-tapes about this event, some of which must be included here. But the essence is still quite simple.

The programme started with the dramatic tragedy of a boy, then aged about seventeen and bedridden with practically no use of any of his five senses, doomed to die soon when he should have been approaching his prime fitness and ability. He had Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, SSPE.

With such sorrow and sympathy in her voice, Sarah interviewed his father, who went through their story as any distraught parent would. He took us back to the child’s infancy.

“One day we took him on a bus journey and he caught measles from a little girl who was also on the bus. He became ill but, after two weeks, he got completely better, and we thought no more of it. He hadn’t had a measles jab as he wasn’t quite due for it but he’d had all his other vaccinations.”

The story went on: “He had a normal, active childhood until, suddenly, when he was eleven, he started to become lethargic and unable to even go to school, let alone play sports. Soon he found it hard to even get out of bed and eventually he was diagnosed to have developed SSPE, which is always fatal. We are now resigned to this and manage his life as best we can.”

“But what we cannot manage is the fact that he was able to catch measles at all. You see, his terrible condition is a result of his suffering a measles infection when he was an infant [About 15 months old it seems]. You see, the measles virus lodged in his system and later remerged to cause this terrible illness.  I’ve read all the evidence and discussed the subject with medical doctors. If that little girl had been vaccinated then my child would not have caught measles and so would never have developed SSPE.”

And so the story ended. Measles, our Sarah summed up, was not just a childhood illness, that could kill and damage you at the time of infection but, even after a full recovery it lurks within your body, like a biological Sword of Damocles, and can come back to decimate you in later life. Such a dreadful scourge must surely be eliminated.

The programme then became routine and went by and large objectively through the Saga of Andy Wakefield, giving him and his supporters space as well as his opponents. The subsequent studio discussion was full of hatred and dissent. No, really, if looks could have killed many would not have left the studio alive. But that’s for another write-up.

As I recorded the programme I was able to re-view it. The SSPE tale had bothered me. It was a direct threat to those who did not vaccinate. It was a declaration of war.

There was family video of the child. At nine and ten he was “Fine” but at ten he was changed. He wore glasses. At the end of the programme was his father’s web-site “Set up to publicise the story and warn others of the dangers of catching measles.”

I went there and read it up. Then emailed his dad.

” Did his child ever have the MMR jab?”

” Well yes he did – when he was nine years old he was given the booster jab but I’m quite sure this has no connection to his developing SSPE. Quite sure – it’s a parent thing, you know. And the doctors agree”.

A year later his sight had deteriorated significantly. Eighteen months later this was becoming SSPE.

So I tracked down Sarah Barclay. “Did you know this? In a programme to discuss outcomes of the MMR jab can you not accept that this is profoundly significant evidence.”

“Well, yes we did know this but our consultants agreed that it was not pertinent to the issue.”

“And still could you not have been just a little bit objective in your coverage?”

“I refuse to discuss this case any more”.

And there it rested until I found an opportunity to put it to a Radio Four Media programme on all the coverage of the MMR story. The editor was very keen and convinced but, as time came for airing, the story was dropped. Again, I will try to publish the fuller record later – it’s very telling and so very worth telling.

SSPE first appeared in the medical literature after the second world war. It was a vanishingly rare condition and essentially of academic rather than clinical interest. By the early sixties there had been more cases and a few papers written with conjectures as to its causation. Later in the decade a measles relationship had been mentioned but numbers of sufferers only started to rise in the seventies. As the numbers of vaccines dramatically increased in the following decades so have the cases of SSPE. There has even been published the odd comment that it could sometimes be triggered by a jab, but probably following natural infection.

Again it’s so difficult to research and be in objective and anywhere near total control of the facts but there is evidence of the discovery of measles viral genetic material in brain post mortem analysis. Vaccine derived I suspect but have seen no published confirmation of this, although such material has been found in gut epithelial tissue of autistic patients and not in normal control groups.

Panorama’s child was naturally immune to measles, after his childhood infection but his immune defences were otherwise damaged, having received a full range of other childhood jabs – DPT, meningitis, etc etc. Upon challenge by  the MMR his body reacted badly, maybe due to interaction with his inherent measles immunity, leading inevitably to total disfunction. No MMR and I’m confident no SSPE although other more long term vaccine damage might have developed – allergies, asthma and so on.

But to have suggested this would have broken the boundaries of Sarah’s remit. As an investigative reporter she presents with great confidence that which she’s provided with and instructed she’s allowed to say. No more, no less and so easy to believe. Until you start to check even her basic assertions – after which it’s hard to believe a word she says.

Which is, of course, where the whole BBC is these days.

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11 Responses to The Curious Case of Panorama’s Blind Reportage – SSPE, MMR and the limitations of Sarah

  1. wheresmykid says:

    And when you’ve had a child become ill following a booster … and eventually die, the medical community simply doesn’t want to hear it. Thanks for writing this.

    • greencentre says:

      Possibly harder for you to read than for me to write it and I sympathise with you so much over your loss. We are both meeting the same obstacle, though, in the unrelenting obstinacy of the Medico-Industrial complex and the ruthless manner it refuses to change its attitudes and approaches to the outcomes of its actions. My piece is perhaps to illustrate the lengths they go to and the detail of their influence.

      And the problem will get worse with time, generation upon generation, which is why I protest so much.

      • wheresmykid says:

        I applaud your diligence. At times I’ve felt so vilified, so devalued by a medical community more entrenched in maintaining a flawed status quo instead of letting the facts emerge and speak for themselves.

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  3. joejoe says:

    Thank you for your story, this devastation on our children should have been avoided at any cost, along time ago.

  4. Sarah says:

    Why did they have him get MMR if he had natural immunity to measles?

  5. Fair Warning says:

    You realize that we can and do check the type of virus that causes SSPE, and that it has always been associated with the wild virus, never, ever, with the vaccine virus? “”All of the genetic analyses of viral material derived from brain tissue of SSPE patients have revealed sequences of wild-type measles virus, never vaccine virus. There is no evidence that measles vaccine can cause SSPE.”…“Genetic studies have supported epidemiologic evidence that measles vaccine virus does not cause SSPE [6, 14, 15]”. See also: It is always the wild virus vaccine that causes SSPE; SSPE takes an average of 5-8 years, though it can be longer or shorter, to appear. It was caused by the wild measles; not the vaccine.

    • greencentre says:

      1 – SSPE is a new, post war condition which increased in frequency in parallel with vaccination.
      2 – Residual vaccine-type virus has been found in autistic patient’s gut mucosal tissue.
      3 – Independent research of the greater issue of the collateral damage arising from the use of vaccines is simply unfunded and so independent or even “compromise” assessments of these issues are not available.
      4 – There is, however, published data in papers demonstrating that SSPE has arisen post vaccination and is precipitated by the process. [I havn’t time at present but will post summaries of these in due course.]
      5 – Much has changed in recent years and looking back sixty or seventy years is, indeed, looking back to a very different world, where nutrition and medicine were both greatly removed from our present availabilities. Why should a childhood measles infection have started hanging this sword of Damocles over everyone who went through said illness? My aunty lost the sight in one eye during/following a measles infection as a tiny baby of 18 months – but this was less than two years after World War One, in an earlier “Austerity Britain”, living in a damp cottage with poor nutrition etc. No Vitamin A and C supplements. She died two years ago, in her 90s. No sign of SSPE. Measles has not changed – medicine has and the subtle collateral damage wrought by vaccinations need scrutiny, not blanket denial.

  6. greencentre says:

    And, from North America, comes a Dr Rebecca Carley who sees things my way:

    Dr. Rebecca Carley
    I have been researching autism for about 16 years, after my only son was brain damaged from inoculations. What I have learned is that vaccines can cause a specific “vaccine induced” encephalitis, leading to autism and other neurological disorders. There are two mechanisms:
    1. Protein antigens in the tissue cultures used to grow the viruses cannot be separated from the viruses. The body sees these antigens as non self (just like occurs in transplants and antibodies are created which subsequently can attack the nervous system.
    In fact, on page 2104 of the 10th edition of Harrison’s “Principle of Internal Medicine”, there is a discussion of acute necrotizing hemorrhagic encephalomyelitis, a fatal demyelinating disease which is created experimentally in lab animals by administering myelin and the pertussis vaccine.
    2. Molecular mimicry – is where there is a similarity of proteins in an organism to the proteins in the body. In the case of the live measles virus, it is very similar in structure to the myelin sheath. THIS IS THE REASON FOR THE MASSIVE INCREASE IN AUTISM SINCE THE MMR VACCINE PROGRAM COMMENCED.
    Autism is actually non-fatal subacute sclerosis panencephalitis (SSPE) due to live measles virus. Maybe the name was changed to hide that fact. (Certainly the same name change was done in people who developed paralysis from the live polio vaccine, which was then called “aseptic meningitis”).
    Note that the MMR vaccine has NEVER had mercury, which does cause nerve cell death. However mercury and aluminum injected in older patients is the prime cause of Alzheimer’s.
    The SSPE – autism link has been found in 30 year old secret documents in the UK, as reported at
    The few cases of autism in allegedly unvaccinated children (which can’t be certain in most cases now that the Hep B is being given to newborns) could actually be a result of transmission of vaccine viruses from the mother to the fetus in utero. (This must be considered if a study of unvaccinated vs vaccinated children is ever done ie the trans-generational impacts of the vaccination process.)
    Lastly “outbreaks” of various viral infections in children in various localities have been blamed on the unvaccinated children. However, when these cases are investigated, it is almost always found that the children who became symptomatic were actually inoculated with the disease. Thus, it is the vaccinees giving disease to the unvaccinated children. In fact, the package insert for the shingles vaccine admits a known side effect is for the vaccinee to come down with chicken pox (caused by the same virus as shingles).
    I have a mountain of information on vaccine induced diseases; fell free to contact me if you have any further questions:
    office phone: 828-294-0662
    skype: drcarley 1
    Rebecca Carley, MD
    Court qualified Expert in VIDS (Vaccine induced diseases)

  7. greencentre says:

    November 2015 update in the form of the user information leaflet for the MMR potion. This was brought to my attension as autism is listed as a potential side effect. Closer scrutiny shows SSPE also listed.
    I’ll shout this, now:


    (I could just say “Told you so, Sarah, I told you so……….)

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