Missing puzzle pieces?

The headline shouted:

GMO:  Food?

“Our immune system looks at that [modified] gene sequence that is supposed to be food and says “I’ve never seen that sequence ever, it does not exist in nature , it’s foreign”.  It creates an inflammatory reaction and attacks.”

Arden Anderson, PhD, DO, MPH in the documentary “Genetic Roulette”.  [http://geneticroulettemovie.com/ ]

To which I responded:

Chris Hemmings

Thanks for this – it’s a long time issue for me (UK based). There is a need to note how all these factors – GM, vaccines and several other issues – compound each other’s effects.

Unvaccinated America

Chris, I am only recently beginning to realize how true it is that there are multiple causes behind our health problems. At this point I believe vaccines, GMOs and nutrition may be the biggest culprits, although overuse of medication plays a part for some people too, and of course there’s fluoridated water…

I should say *malnutrition not nutrition!

Chris Hemmings

At the risk of complicating things further, have you looked specifically at the toxic effects of wheat and other common cereals? Known for a long time as precipitating coeliac illness and long linked to serious mental health issues, these grains have more recently been linked to the twin modern problems of obesity and type two diabetes. I take this very seriously. In the USA there’s a group headed by clinician Dr William Davis under the title “Wheat Belly”.

You need all the pieces on the table to then solve the puzzle!

Unvaccinated America

Thanks for the info Chris.

UA are, as far as I can see, a youngish couple so quite new to the vaccine issue but they’re obviously committed as they intend to make a film to cover the topic – called “Unvaccinated America”. I know little of their researches – the film is “in pre-production” so I guess that means ongoing research – but their Facebook page is typical of such. There’s worried first time parents aware of the problems but deeply scared by their medics and health visitors portrayal of the range of deaths awaiting the unvaccinated child and of the duty to prevent kids becoming ill. There’s also increasing numbers of would be non-vaccinators who’ve been told to take their kids out of school if they continue to refuse jabs.

So sending out a note on GMOs was a departure into new territory for them. Obviously, there is reference to immunity and so they obviously saw crossover, hence my responses. Later a guy with a daughter recently diagnosed – at ten years old – as coeliac, posted a thank you.

This is my thesis, really. This is “Bio-medical ecology”. The alimentary system is physically external to the body system, although contained within it. It is a unique, contained ecosystem we are custodians to. Whilst we do keep its temperature constant, we otherwise constantly alter its composition – in ecologist talk it is a “heavily subsidised” system, with massive input and, equally, a lot removed. Amidst all this a huge population of bacteria, yeasts, virus and, sadly, often other eucaryotes  ply their various trades and live busy existences.

The blood system, in contrast, is 100% our own, individual, unique zone. With its well documented range of transport and defence functions it is less ecology as physiology although the specialised cells do react according to sundry inputs, such as foodstuffs from the gut, in a manner analogous to the gut flora. (Well they do if I’m drawing the analogy!)  The breathing system – being a multi branched maze of tubelets leading to flooded alveoli – is somewhere between the alimentary canal and the blood system in that it becomes internal and so requires a strong protection against infection  and other degeneration but is essentially exterior to the body in the bulk of the structure. [Mucal secretions complicate the drawing of a clear boundary but note they are secretions from the body.]

The ranges of interactions possible within these systems is immense and the complexity and subtleties equally profound. It’s small wonder that external factors introduced into any of these environments can have an impact on their functionality.
So vaccines are geared to do exactly that – to impact on the physiology of the recipient. Now a UK immunology investigator publishes the following:


which details how capacity to react to bloodborn antigens – alien, that is – is built up from these early days of life and seems independent of actively introduced antigenic material. From an early age, it seems, a capacity to quickly produce antibodies to alien antigens is totally natural. Might not the overweighting of this system with vaccines in fact saturate or overburden this delicate young and developing system? I have long thought so and the above recent paper provides strong support for this hypothesis.

If you bring in inputs to other parts of the body, then the gut is probably the greatest source of such activities. So

  1. Foodstuffs have undergone profound changes over the last thirty or forty years, with fast food culture, increased sugar, rapid breeding of both animal and plant matter, culminating in the sophisticated witchery that is genetic manipulation. Precise imprecision with clearly little attempt at understanding or even predicting all the outcomes. Well, in fact, the only outcome sought appears to be increased ease of production and success of mechanisation.
  2. Vaccines are shown to interact with the gut epithelial cells – which have a strong immunological function in the digestive process. Wakefield and others have demonstrated the adhesion and ongoing residence of measles virus – vaccine type – in such tissue in previously vaccinated now autistic children.
  3. Overeating provides additional stress and the case of wheat and coeliac disease needs further investigation. I have proposed that there may be a new “Type 2” coeliac disease prevalent certainly in the USA. These are those that react to wheat proteins as per normal but gain weight rather than losing it – frequently becoming grossly obese. It is also accepted that there are millions of undiagnosed adults who’s health is chronically undermined by the condition – malnutrition being the major outcome.
  4. Modern stressed living certainly has impact, too, in terms of digestive disorders such as ulcers.
  5. Other medicines, in particular antibiotics, can also alter the gut bacterial “flora”. Antibiotic use can drastically change the colonies present, can select for antibiotic resistant strains and leave cleared out regions ready for repopulation by whichever bacteria turn up.

Dr William Davis, in his Wheat Belly book, talks of obesity and type2 diabetes – present day scourge of America and the UK and many elsewheres – and links their rise to the same “coeliac” grains. He points out that blood sugar levels rise faster after eating a slice of wholemeal bread than after eating a spoonful of sugar – it is most easily assimilated by the gut and released into the bloodstream. This speed factor – the Glycemic Index – is thus responsible for “sugar rush” after eating toast, breakfast cereal, biscuits, sandwiches and, indeed, a beer after work. It is probably addictive but certainly leads to urgent insulin release, laydown of fat and as that system is overloaded, sugar excretion into the urine – Type 2 diabetes, in fact.

So there are many apparent systems’ breakdowns and the more ingredients we add to the mix, the whackier will become the outcomes. I really do not know quite what role GMOs could have in these altered biochemical and physiological conditions. As a reasonably well read, objective, scientific individual, I have difficulty in accepting that these altered, unnatural DNA sequences could arouse any questioning from digestive enzymes, let alone the immunological systems who do not usually worry themselves over nucleic acid sequences, as far as I’m aware. Anyway, given a normal, healthy gut – OK, these may be few and far between, I accept – this material should not provide any immunological challenge. That said, I wholly disapprove of GMO technology, for a range of reasons not relevant here, and would see them removed totally from any cultivation. We have no use of them and should in no way be taking on this risk. In some, a bacterial antibiotic resistance gene is spliced into the plant’s DNA – the problems there are clear.

Certainly, though, they cause further complications and may well be part of a series of “knock-on” events in some cases. Me, I see vaccines and some other medical reagents plus diet and modern lifestyle as chief impactors on health. Inborn genetic variation – such as coeliac tendency – also seem to be worth bearing in mind although not in the hyperaware, panic-stricken manner of modern medico-scientific literature which blames tripping in the playground on some recently sequenced strip of DNA, whilst requesting a substantial grant to “take the research further”.

But here my conclusion  – my message – is that there should be open discussion of all the contributors to what is profoundly clearly a modernday catastrophe. At a time when individual health should be excellent for the bulk of the population, this is not happening. Once again I call for the establishment of an objective research centre/s. I guess that I really should just start fundraising myself. There must be a capacity out there to bring forward a free of external funders influence crucible for multilateral biomedical ecology research and cognisence. In fact, let’s call it “The Centre for Biomedical Ecology”.

Let’s put all the puzzle pieces on the table and start to assemble the true picture.

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Non grant supported hence independent scientist, green activist, writer and forest planter.
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