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What is “Evidence based” information?

And why start talking of it now?

OK, there’s a double puzzle. Up until fairly recently (say, up until the start of the 21st century) this was not a phrase that appeared in the literature or, indeed, conversation. Certainly one would be asked “But where’s your evidence?” at which point one  would supply one’s data or be drummed out as a charlatan, but here there is a different emphasis. Like trophies on a wall.

An old, traditional herbal remedy such as Arnica for bruises came backed with centuries of satisfied users. It always worked. Even conservative Yorkshire cricketers proclaim its effectiveness. Similarly apply Greater Celandine sap to cure warts. Try it. It works – and no known side effects (but DON’T eat it!)

Now what of Homeopathy. A friend, a practitioner, has a similar attitude. “I do it because it works.” What further evidence does…

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