Again this is edited up from a couple of years back but possibly even more relevant now!


If Andy Wakefield were a bond trader……

Yeah, I like all these pregnant pauses, too! One mulls and lets others rant for a while. Hell, this is an intense subject. Everyone who contributes has information to share and their own preconceptions as to the nature of the problems. My approach is of the informed, scientific but also humanist sceptic. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories although I can see group behaviour channelled by history and the reality that is everyday life.

 The builders incorporating blue asbestos did it feeling good about the positive contribution they were making, Japanese whalers are proud to land their catches, Thalidomide was prescribed to expectant mothers to help them and not to damage their unborn children, soldiers do appalling deeds proudly, for their countries and Tony Bliar sent our troops to Iraq, apparently with no doubts. I could go on for a long time, but…

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