Andy, this is very difficult for me to write…..

Some things are very difficult to say. Like if a friend’s spouse is being unfaithful despite the friend’s deep commitment to the relationship. You know all the sordid details and every time you see your friend you are so torn because you know this information will destroy so much – if you open your mouth. So, each time, you bite your lip and so the friend just goes on looking stupid to everyone else. Including you and you get increasingly cross with yourself, your friend, the unfaithful partner and all your other friends who also keep stumm.

So it is with me now vis a vis Andy Wakefield. No, no, no household stuff, this is the vaccine saga and the MMR/measles jabbing issue which popped up again this week. Well, it’s always bubbling on but the issue has arisen again of late with a Central MIC panic campaign based on a small cluster of cases of measles in South Wales.

It’s only a couple of weeks in and we have sketchy details as yet but clearly the event is being used to scare parents into taking their kids along to a jab station to receive their aliquot of the witches’ brew. (See previous two postings to see derivation of my terminology!)

“Still”, they say, “Fifteen years after the Discredited, Disgusting, Altogether-Foul-Piece-of-Decaying-Humanity and Threat-To-All-Of-Us MR Andy Wakethedeadfield, ever since he fouled our Glorious World with his CRAZED conjectures that the might be Flaws in OUR thinking, ever since he had the temerity to criticise the FANTASICALLY BENEFICIAL MMR Vaccination, ever since that terrible time some people have still not come back under our benevolent protective shield. So now, in the poverty stricken communities of Southern Wales these stupid people are gathering the results of this catastrophe. Yes, their children are……catching MEASLES.”

And they go on to say that these poor people should be rounded up by their health practitioners or, just maybe, military escort, and given said syringefuls of ground up bacterial extracts, viral fragments and toxic chemicals.

This was the rationale for wheeling out the Offit and reprogramming the Paxman on BBC2’s Newsnight last week and floating their goal of universal mandatory vaccination. Methinks they work to a strategy.

Anyway word of this leaked back to Andy Wakefield, as you can well imagine. They’ve treated him very unpleasantly since his courageous publicising of the devastation wrought by MMR vaccination upon children, and of the gastro-intestinal connection with the ASD group outcomes. From within the complex hierarchical structure of the MIC he – and his colleagues – dared to publish a suggestion that SOME kids MIGHT benefit from “single” antigen vaccinations – so “measles” on its own, and so on. (Again, my use of parentheses is explained in my previous posting – “When is an antigen not an antigen?…”)

Unhappy at hearing the blame poured once more over him for an outbreak of measles he has published a statement and a challenge. He reckons, far from it being his fault, the blame lies fair and square on the shoulders of the British government. “If they had only allowed those that wanted it to be given access to the single measles vaccine rather than actually withdrawing it from availability in the UK, then this problem would not have arisen”.

With laudable spirit he went on to issue a challenge – he will engage in debate with anyone – presumably of the MIC – who is prepared to join honest and informed public discourse on the matter. He continues to contest that the MMR vaccine leads directly to ASD physiological outcomes – certainly in some recipients.

But he still seems to believe in the concept of vaccination. He still says the measles jab alone is cool. And, presumably, the  mumps jab and the rubella one too. And the diphtheria, the pertussis, the tetanus and so on. Just not bundled together. At least for some kids.

So you see my dilemma? What I really want to tell him but dare not. I mean, his relationship with his former partner ( in this case the General Medical Council – the operational subsidiary of the MIC  ) is well and truly over after they threw him out in such a furore, in the fullest glare of the public spotlight. But still he does not want to overly offend them, so says their ideas are only a teeny, weeny bit wrong. Maybe he secretly wishes to get back together again – it’s hard to tell how the old love lingers but writing this has given me the courage to finally state the truth to him:.

“Andy, the problem is that vaccination is a medieval quackery, which damages the recipient in oh so many ways and has no demonstrable benefits. Real medicine and real nursing are such noble pursuits and if you take away the quackery and start to rely on real restorative care when needed and natural capabilities most normally then they can so prosper and public health radically improve.

“Go on, take that last step. The old relationship is dead, Andy. It’s time to move on and cast aside any doubts that still linger.”

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3 Responses to Andy, this is very difficult for me to write…..

  1. Lily Ayre says:

    Brilliant. Thank you for such an excellent post.

  2. greencentre says:

    Here’s an excellent 15 minute talk by Andy on how he was by no way the first to describe the MMR-Autism connection:

    As he says “In fact, we at the Royal Free were quite late in coming into the topic” – the difference being, of course, that he and colleagues took it seriously and STARTED to research the issue AND drew attention to it.

    And subsequently was so villified and, of course, dragged into the Star Chamber of the GMC for ritual sacrifice……..

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