Wilby, won’t he?

My, this gets just so tiresome. Journalists coming out of every unseen nook and cranny to give “their” twopennyworth on vaccines and the MMR. And Andy.

So what’s David Aaranoutofideas got in common with Peter Wilby? Certainly both graduated from the infamous Guardian School for Right Wing Opinionaters, tho’ only the former got flying colours and a gold star. Wilby went on, instead, to edit the Independent on Sunday as a kind of finishing school, I guess, to try to expunge the last vestiges of radical leftish thought. Thing is that Peter took shelter in the unseen corporatism that is the state when The State was nominally under a left wing anti Thatcher humanist revival. So he, dazzled by the glints from those teeth, accepted hook, line and sinker, the soul food bait placed on his table by the toothy Bliar, Broon and Alastair Mandelson.

And I reckon Peter, too, like Mandy, became relaxed about the control centring and overspending of the corporate state. Broon’s  opening of floodgates of cash to the NHS was clearly a good thing – a latter day “Relief of Mafeking”.  He didn’t see it all vanish down two shoots, one named salaries, the other named Big Pharm, whose income ex NHS doubled almost overnight. Other works – building and the like – went on being put on the tab  – “We’ll think about that tomorrow”. This latter meaning, of course, “We’ll leave it for the Tories to finish this sell off”.

But the concept of wise, educated elites managing the affairs of the minions seemed – and obviously still seems – perfectly reasonable to him. As an editor, that was his role, anyway. He cannot see that this is an equally offensive grouping whose higher echelons are filled with the same psychopathic types as control the Commercial corporate zone. And here, of course, there is the additional element of the careerists who spread sideways to occupy as much space – and salary – as they can possibly achieve. The beaureacratica of unassailable, never known to admit error and frequently never known to achieve anything before their quango, for example, is revamped, renamed, restaffed and then allowed to go on exactly as before.

As an Ex-Editor of the New Statesman, the mag gives him a weekly page to fill with musings.  And this week (Page 7, 26 April – 2 May, 2013) he tackles  journalistic vaccine reactions! He reckons:
“most of the journalists who created alarm over supposed links between autism and the MMR seem to have recanted”  and then uses the standard title for Andy of “Now Discredited” – so he’s Andrew Wakefield ND not MD these days! But they all use this dismissal as if it can do all their work for them without ever attempting to clarify what they mean or understand from it. One phrase to damn a life, one phrase to dismiss all he ever did. Tantamount to public stoning, I guess.

Anyway, he then lifts, out of context, the quote “We didn’t prove an association between MMR and autism” from The Lancet paper. They couldn’t, Peter, from such a small study, and openly stated that fact. However it allows Wilby his dénouement “The Lancet warned of tragedies when the media and public confuse association with causality” – ie they shun vaccination! To allow this to be described as a tragedy shows total lack of understanding of either the situation or its outcomes.

Faced with the conservative, establishment Lancet editor choosing  to make such a statement, the journalist in Wilby simply dies. If it was, say, a banking cartel or, perhaps a political lobby group I’m sure he’d not give in so lamely. Say there’d been an industrial accident like Bhopal or asbestosis sickness he’d be there out to help the poor victims in their hour of need, by bringing people’s attention to the matter. And then, say a drug that had been wrongly certified as OK for pregnant women, wasn’t and caused terrible birth defects. Wouldn’t Peter be there writing exposes to bring the manufacturers and the license granters to task? Of course he would. But now, as this global injustice continues day after day, year after year and this crazy industry based on fear grows ever larger, ever more powerful, ever more profitable and ever more damaging why this bland, blind disinterest?

Couldn’t be anything to do with the cosy relationship developed between the magazine and Big Pharm who regularly advertise in it and place periodic sponsored supplements – including a recent one on…….vaccines and their benefits?

Click to access 20121210novartissupp.pdf

(And, if you dare read it, you will see and read so many horrifying  examples of State Corporatism, as described earlier!)

Anyway, he ends “Journalists sometimes admit to mistakes”. I look forward to holding you to that one, Peter. Without the rider you added that “they like to blame someone else for them if at all possible”. This one I am going to pin directly on you and your sad lack of both investigative zeal and, most of all, sensitivity to the fates of all the victims of this heinous and continuing crime. For that is what it is.

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