Haw Haw – Psychological Warfare

I’m steeped in science. With both parents graduate scientists, the open acquisitive attitude was always there. Objective assessment coupled with the constant search for new factual input, I learned to be the core assumptions. Our understanding of our World and its contents was still developing and we should be prepared for new information, ideas and interpretations in all spheres of life. Clearly, too, much was wrongly understood and misinterpreted already so minds had to be changed.

Of course, I was young then and did not yet cotton on to the concept that facts are interpreted in relation to an existing set of beliefs and circumstances. I felt that an objective truth always stood out and shone, like a beacon, and all who saw it would accept its reality. Yes and yet I was also the little boy who would have shouted out “But he’s not wearing any clothes” as the Emperor was paraded past the crowd.


“You stupid child, can you not understand? This is the most modern of fabrics, it is the finest of threads and gives our leader such majesty. We will soon all be using the same cloth. He is showing us the future and you must accept this.” So, for a while, the psychological warfare would be brought in. My custodians, however, would argue from their belief in the king’s garb. It was there. They had been told all the details and the whole crowd had cheered his getout, his new regalia. The only problem was to shut up that aggravating urchin.

Psychological warfare. Lord Haw Haw in World War Two broadcast to the United Kingdom from Germany to undermine national spirit, using a classic, upper class, English accent to describe Nazi success and British failures in gloating manner. And, in peacetime, it is a technique used commonly. All advertising has a huge element of defeating opposition – other manufacturers of a product or use of the advertised item to win out in competition. University Psychology departments draw much financial support from the advertising industry (For example in the University of Wales at Bangor is a whole new Psychology Block so funded).

There are many reasons to not join the mass vaccination programs – like there’s no evidence the process works or has any actual benefits and there’s much evidence to suggest the process compromises an individual’s overall immune response. This seems especially so in young children in their first few years although this subverting effect will then be lifelong. So it is no shock to find never vaccinated kids are a very healthy crew, visiting doctors or nurses pretty much only when injured. When they catch an infection they get over it, sometimes, but by no means always, practically symptom free. With good quality (not “expensive”) food – emphasis on nutrition – and living conditions, as well as good care on the rarest occasions when ill, it’s a very healthy life.

Today’s psychological warfare is to suggest otherwise. The governmental/media/medico-industrial-complex coalition of the establishment heavily push the concept of vaccination for all “to eliminate illness”. In this they want to present the alternative as sickly and a reserve of infection, constantly attacking the health of the vaccinated. Today’s medical services are increasingly overstretched and weighed down. Paediatrics deal with more and more chronic conditions, repeat visitors after attack upon attack of asthma, allergies or chronic responses to commoner infections such as pertussis. These kids are almost wholly drawn from the multi-vaccinated. It is that population where illness resides, not the unvaccinated.

But rather than accept this fact and see how phenomenal sums of money now spent on lifetime care can be saved by stopping vaccination and allowing healthy, natural immune function to prosper, war has been declared. The Haw Haws are put out daily by the news media in such an ironical twist. Far from being used in parody of the BBC, now he is broadcast by the BBC, with their fullest support. Unsubtle advertising methods are combined with all manner of deeply entrenched and often very hard to notice, let alone counter, inputs. The recent Measles “epidemic” around Swansea seems to have actually only had a small percentage of laboratory confirmed cases of the illness, most samples being from incorrectly diagnosed patients, with doctors saying “measles” just in case/out of panic.  All these cases were wholly unharmful, but 40000 extra MMR jabs have been dispensed in the wake of this panic. Alarmingly, one or two deaths seem possibly to have arisen post vaccine receipt. Such can be the outcome of post vaccine anaphalaxis. (One 24 year old male, one 17 year old schoolgirl, both cases still under investigation.)

“Measles deaths” of several hundred thousand every year are quoted to scare people to the clinics for their jabs. But practically all these deaths are to infants living in poverty, with gross food deprivation, lack of clean water and poor accommodation and living conditions, in “the developing world”. They die due to our modern economics, not from measles. Rather than notice this fact and work to deal with it, the deaths are adopted as part of the psychological assault on refusal to vaccinate even though any scientific appraisal would immediately call the comparison spurious.

I get the feeling an attempt is being made to cast Non-vaccinators as  Neo-Lepers and so ostracised from society as being “Unclean and disease ridden”. Clearly this is totally contrary to the facts but when did truth ever get in the way in war? Fear is an excellent psychological driver and divider of populations. Fear obscures rational thinking and feeds baser emotions. Fear was the lifeblood of “Lord” Haw Haw.

And this? Well, this is perhaps a public information notice, designed to prioritise awareness of a crucial issue and so provoke an informed response. It is envisaged that readers will, being of sound and open mind, realise the need to heighten general appreciation of the facts in this issue, as outlined above. This should then defuse the heightened tensions created by the emotional pressures placed on society by the mechanisations of the Vaccine War mongers, based on their three deeply and profoundly wrong premises. They actually believe that vaccinations work, that they have been shown to work and that they are only harmful in rare, isolated instances. When these flawed beliefs are countered and re-education and enlightenment has been achieved, it will be a straightforward operation to permanently remove the Haw Haws and all of their legacy and to work, collectively, to optimise health on a global basis.

To remove the negative outcomes of infections quite simply we need to remove poverty. To remove poverty we must lose our fears and work cooperatively. For a better, sustainable future.

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