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Of course there always was an alternative to Vaccination via Needle

Gut Bacteria Play Key Role in Vaccination June 5, 2013 — The bacteria that live in the human gut may play an important role in immune response to vaccines and infection by wild-type enteric organisms, according to two recent … Continue reading

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The Leninist-Stalinist perspective or Animal Farm revisited

On the left wing libertarian site people were asked for views on vaccines. Thaddeus Scotia POISON … Gov’t controlled death … Nenko Manolov The backbone of the healthcare system. They create customers for life. Jake Tompkins Skate they are a … Continue reading

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Professor Mark Kendall – I wonder if he’ll get this one to stick?

Professor Mark Kendall, an Australian vaccinator, appeared at the TED fest in Edinburgh a couple of days ago to push his Great New Idea in vaccination. And an inspirational talk it was – in fifteen short minutes, destroying pretty much … Continue reading

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So how do we contract Typhoid? Enteric bacterial sagas and those cash rich vaccinators

This – – has turned up a few times recently and I’ve kept on putting it to the side, principally because I’ve not had the time or the original papers but, hey, academic can come later – now I … Continue reading

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Jennerism – keeping the 21st century back in the 18th

I’m so sure it is worth spending some time examining the work and legacy of Edward Jenner, much lauded patron saint of the Vaccination Trade. Wonder what Wikisay? I imagine they’ll be much praising and view him as sentient saviour. … Continue reading

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John “Turncoat” Humphreys and a little Tees

John the Turncoat, compare, Today, on BBC Radio 4, “the UK’s leading news/current affairs show”. Bless him, he seems a mild fellow, gently humorous, able to see the ironies and contrasts in life. Obviously grew up in the era when … Continue reading

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