Jennerism – keeping the 21st century back in the 18th

I’m so sure it is worth spending some time examining the work and legacy of Edward Jenner, much lauded patron saint of the Vaccination Trade. Wonder what Wikisay? I imagine they’ll be much praising and view him as sentient saviour. So:

which, indeed, is as predicted. It led off to the present day descendant of his operations – The Jenner Institute (Founded 2005), promoter of vaccines as Global Enterprise. Also to be referred to as location of The High Church of Vaccinology and training college for priests of the Faith:

My it is frightening. I quote:
“About the Jenner Institute:
“The Jenner Institute was founded in November 2005 [notice how very recently this was done] to develop innovative vaccines against major global diseases. Uniquely it focuses both on diseases of humans and livestock and tests new vaccine approaches in parallel in different species. A major theme is translational research [“translational research”. Que? Into which language?  The language of deception?] involving the rapid early-stage development and assessment [You mean, ignoring any realistic chance to pick up the inevitable collateral damage and other unexpected reactions?] of new vaccines in clinical trials [such as have never, ever been carried out other than immediate toxicity].

“The Institute comprises the research activities of over 20 Jenner Investigators who head leading research groups spanning human and veterinary vaccine research and development. Together the Institute Investigators comprise one of the largest non-profit sector research and development activities in vaccinology.”

Now hold that last point whilst I just copy in:

“Funders and Partners

“The human vaccine programmes are supported by grant income from a wide range of funding agencies. In recent years these have included the Wellcome Trust, the Medical Research Council UK, the European Commission, the Gates Foundation, the US NIH, the Foundation for the NIH, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, the UK Department of Health, the Malaria Vaccine Initiative at PATH, the Gates Malaria Programme at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the European Malaria Vaccine Initiative and the Lister Institute.

“The livestock vaccine programmes are supported by grant income from the BBSRC, DEFRA and the Wellcome Trust.

“Development of the Jenner Institute Laboratories at the Old Road Campus in Headington has been supported by the University of Oxford, the Jenner Vaccine Foundation, the Medical Research Council and the Wolfson Foundation.

“Funding agencies who currently support the work of the Jenner Institute:

  1. Wellcome Trust
  2. Medical Research Council UK
  3. European Commission
  4. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  5. US National Institutes of Health
  6. Foundation for the National Institutes of Health
  7. International AIDS Vaccine Initiative
  8. UK Department of Health
  9. National Institute for Health Research
  10. Malaria Vaccine Initiative at PATH
  11. European Virtual Institute of Malaria Research
  12. Wolfson Foundation
  13. European Vaccine Initiative
  14. Lister Institute
  15. University of Oxford
  16. Gates Foundation Malaria Programme at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  17. Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
  18. Department for Environment & Rural Affairs.”

Which has duplication in it but, hey, you get my drift! This institute is so deeply funded and, presumably, sells off or leases out its products – otherwise why do they exist?

Did you pick up the term “Institute Investigators”? To give them greater grandeur, this is the term for their high priests, who also go under the guise of “Trained Scientists”. I gather they perform the laboratory rituals, with huge conical flasks and lots of lights which flash on and off at different stages of the ceremonies.

But, you know how it is. Sometimes stuff is just so heavy and overwhelming and you just have to come up for air. Well that’s how it is for me now – I’ve just gotta go on a long walk to clear my head of all the images writing this piece have brought up for me. They’re too vivid as yet to convey to any putative readers so I close this chapter now.

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