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On Vitamin C

This from the Linus Pauling institute: “Supplements: Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) is available in many forms, but there is little scientific evidence that any one form is better absorbed or more effective than another. Most experimental and clinical research uses … Continue reading

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Interesting and scandalous about “the swine flu pandemic” and new Nordic mythologies coming from their research workers

 Interesting chat: Sandy Interesting and scandalous about the swine flu pandemic. Jyrki The BMJ slightly messed up the info about the Finnish THL’s  [Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare] GSK [Glaxo Smith Kline] money source. We got the … Continue reading

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On infant dosed antibiotics and childhood obesity – setting the scene for the adult obesity plague?

  Margaret More and more and more manure on antibiotics. Check out these maps. Of course, we know that the more doses of antibiotics given to children, the higher their BMI as they age! Shout it out: Use of antibiotics … Continue reading

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Of a Finn, flu jabs and corruption – same ole story, really!

Tony Delamothe, deputy editor, BMJ, wrote  in his mag on 14/1/2010, as media panics drove talk of global flu catastrophe[ ] “If influenza was a rock band [Sorry about his corny analogy, but we’ll have to bear with it I’m … Continue reading

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