The Jab Patrol? Tightening the Grip?

Claire asked us a question:
 Hello everybody just wanted to ask if anyone knows the law on having children vaccinated in the UK? I am currently expecting and I want to know my rights for my and my child’s health. Worried I could be taken to court if I do not get the MMR vaccine etc!!!


 From what I recall you can easily opt out and still attend school. No need to prove religious grounds or anything like that. Don’t know more details as I moved to the US.

Chris Hemmings

Yeah, they only use social, medical and misinformation pressure. No legal governance except, oddly, in the case of the parents separating. Recently an estranged father obtained court backing to force MMR on the two teenage daughters who lived with the mum. Prior to separation he had supported non-vaccination!


 Yeah Chris that’s exactly why I asked I followed how that case went and it concerned me that the court can make a ruling. I guess it was due to the fathers case but this was exactly why I got concerned is this the way things are moving due to big outbreaks which have occurred…..

Chris Hemmings

Yes, it’s an alarming area. The undercover, covert legal system, termed “family courts” but whose actions are behind closed doors and no press or individual permission to carry information beyond the hearing.

If “the father’s case” was “good” then it upturns so many legal precedents in this country. I believe both the mother and the two girls intend to go on fighting the judgment. I hope so because if it becomes a new accepted precedent then it’s one tiny step from state mandation – one could envisage “The Jab Squad”, syringes primed, cruising the streets looking for any remaining undamaged kids.

Not trying to worry you……


 Problem is when registering a birth we automatically become subject and a vessel of the state!! The state owns our ass! Contemplated not registering the birth to avoid this however this would cause wide ramifications for adulthood, having a bank acct, national health/ insurance, a passport and so fourth!!! Sad facts are like you said this may be paving the way for the future control therefore have got you either way!!

Chris Hemmings

My morality says change the system from within, but my instincts these days say the opposite. I’ve followed the former but corporate and institutional pressures are enormous and contain no grain of humanity to ease them. They bear no compromise that I can see. The stakes are so high.


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