Immunobiology – superb science built upon a totally flawed assumption. Part Five – Towards a Bio-Medical Ecology

Yeah, so I’m really impressed with all the detailed and complicated investigations carried out by all these dedicated professional Immunobiologists. No, I really am. They’ve put together so much detail on the tapestry that, from a distance, you see a reasonably clear picture.
I watched an interesting exercise recently where a picture of a celebrity was slowly brought into view from a distance. At 50 metres or so you could clearly see it was Marilyn Monroe but, as the picture came closer it became Steven Fry. So here, too, they have so much optical illusion, so much apparent sleight of hand, as they are so strongly driven by the Jenneric Ethos. If you decide to study Immunobiology it is probably because you’ve grown up through the standard vaccination routine and regard bacteria, principally, as the disease causing enemy, out to smite everyone down that they can in constant war against mankind.

So the noble Immunobiologist imbibes Janesway et al as a manual to learn how to help mankind in this fight, possibly even “becoming a soldier in the war against infection”. Me I see it more in terms of people examining a breathtaking open landscape – The Victoria Falls, maybe, or The Grand canyon –  but holding a small hand magnifying glass to the ground, and drawing down what they see on a sheet of paper, bit by bit. Then they’ll go home and look at their sketch and tell people what the Falls or the Canyon are.

Their detailed sketches are all derived from the real world but do not paint anything like an accurate picture of the complete entity. They describe their sphere as Immunobiology – the workings in health and sickness of the Immune System. But they have created that designation, they have named the immune system and they have defined what it includes. But this does not preclude a vast range of other actions and interactions from overlaying the mechanisms and structures that they describe. It cannot, as they eminently are there.

Look at the genetic programmes – the chromosomes. Memory centres extraordinaire and the reference library in each and every cell, with constant traffic from a diverse membership of “readers”, each signalling their intent and asking the librarians for the data sheets they require. Each “reader” you realise is a crucial balance within a particular metabolic pathway whose procession requires the tipping of that balance by the presence of enzymic catalysis or, maybe, the provision of a structural protein element for a crucial building or repair job. So many readers, so much business to be carried out and it all happens in real time, in vivo, in the living system as part of the greater human ecology. Subject to the trials, tribulations, joys and excitements of using our bodies amidst our natural environment.

We are NOT an in vitro experiment and we work within the parameters just described, not as an assemblage of measurable biochemical pathways or cultured cells behaving as when maintained in incubators and supplied with vital nutrients through a plastic tube.  The whole discipline of Immunobiology is predicated not on the description of a natural wonder and its place within the greater whole but “on ways we can improve it”, methods “we can help it to improve recovery” or “overcome fatal illnesses”. It has invented a whole panoply of “vaccine preventable diseases” and is always looking for more to add to its list.

Sadly the actual truth is that its actions have given rise to a very different outcome, with countless examples not of saved lives but of ruined ones, damaged and crippled ones and, of course, has caused the deaths of many, many recipients of their products.

The fact that this core textbook, this immunobiology bible, does not even consider how gross interference with the subtlest of physiologies, which is what vaccination is, could possibly damage the outcomes of those processes is, to me, sufficient to dismiss their work in entirety. They are impossible to trust as they have so much undeclared baggage.

And so Bio Medical Ecology, where maintenance of health is a wholistic process, which is built upon the understanding that the human body has undergone more than rigorous testing, through countless generations of survival out of unbelievably difficult circumstances and built, of course, on the whole evolutionary chain right back to the primordial swamp. We now have such excellent descriptions of the components and we know what conditions are needed for optimal operation and maintenance. And, it has to be said, it is all so simple. We need:

  1. Good nutrition, not in excess
  2. Clean water
  3. Shelter or even housing
  4. Warmth
  5. Daily activity, including good doses of physical work/exercise
  6. Involving mental activity on a regular basis
  7. Friendship and a good, supportive social network

When ill, we need understanding of why our bodies are stressed and so what are the best actions to improve the circumstances. By and large, illness is self generated through stress, exhaustion, bad diet and so on. Purging, rest and calming interaction are good start points to most treatments, then!

All the above is just common sense, so obscured by so much modern practice – which  is so dictated by modern lifestyle in work, rest and play. The changes to enable such health care will not be developed overnight, although I passionately hope that we do embark on the journey. There is everything to gain – including phenomenal savings in current health care budgets. In the UK our national system would at last be working to its name, instead of in opposition to it.

We could actually establish a National Health Service and not run an illness management and precipitation business.

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