Bad Science. Very Bad Science.

There is a journalist/doctor who supports MMR, hates homeopathy. Has the name Goldacre. His column is “Bad Science”. Very Bad Science!  I kind of went off on an if moment. Just think there’d been no vaccines but we’d got here by a different route……….:

Hey. This has been such a roller coaster. I’ve been able to bring to task so many charlatans and rogues in my column and all my resultant books and stage performances. I have brought to your attention these quaint little individuals who, in the name of providing cures for legitimate illnesses and many imagined ones, too, just work to make me despair. I have depicted larger, long term scams as well and found that even Her Majesty the Queen is not immune to being conned, with her whole family still, albeit covertly, using the absurd practice of homeopathy to cure sufferers by giving them little pills containing utterly nothing. You know – ziltch. Just pellets of chalk.

Anyway, this week I think that I have come up with a little guy who is doing something so outrageous, so hurtful, harmful and potentially deadly that I feel I should not use any of my usual banter. He is so dangerous, so potentially deadly that he has to be stopped in his tracks. Simply, he is poisoning his clientele by adding uncontrolled cultures of bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms directly into gashes he carves into the recipients flesh with unsterile knives. Incredibly he collects these micro-organisms in the form of puss drawn from boils formed on cattle suffering from the Pox.

Unbelievably, this total madman plies this trade on the basis that he “Did it to a farmer’s son and he is still alive.” Oh lucky child, indeed, for such treatment would have packed away many an adult. Apparently he says that this voodoo treatment, this sorcery will prevent the recipient from developing Smallpox but I fail to see ANY logic behind this. When have humans ever developed cow-pox? He’ll be herding us in fields soon and leading our wives to the milking parlour of an evening….

Already, though, there are reports of deaths and disabilities arising from the use of his method, for he has convinced several other practitioners to also follow his ideas. This has to stop now as we have all the capabilities to treat natural illnesses in children and in the rare cases that adults fall ill as well. The detailed science of interactive medical ecology, sometimes, albeit inaccurately, termed “Immunobiology”,  has detailed the incredibly complex set of interactions between humans and their symbiont bacterial communities. It has shown how improved nutrition and housing and stable social structures so boosted human physiologies that they no longer succumbed to invasive imbalances arising when normal symbionts or, indeed, invasive species could trigger illness. The elegant details of this system of homeostasis, developed over so many years of evolution seems second only to neuro-science in its subtleties and wide capabilities.

But now, out of the blue, this crazed, I going to call it as it is, this crazed child-molester, a man named Jenner, thinks he can do better than that. He should at once be hauled up in front of a court, tried, convicted and then locked away for the rest of his days. We cannot allow his idea to gain ANY traction.

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