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Experimental vaccine for MERS developed

The experimental vaccine is based on a platform for a candidate that is said to protect against SARS. [We’re not gonna commit here…]

Al Arabiya News Sunday, 11 May 2014

A U.S. biotechnology firm and university researchers have reportedly created an experimental vaccine against the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), according to media reports. [It is suggested that the virus has mutated under the influence of very high concentrations of affluence in the areas of the Middle east where it has arisen.]

Maryland University and Gaithersburg biotech Novavax announced that the vaccine for combating coronavirus has succeeded in stopping infection in laboratory studies, the Saudi Gazette reported on Sunday. [Wall Street reported sharp increases in Gaithersberg stock price.]

Saudi Arabia has been the country most affected by the outbreak of the MERS virus. [Due to the virus’ requirement to grow in areas of extreme affluence.]The number of fatalities on Saturday reached 139 since MERS first appeared in the kingdom in 2012, the Saudi health ministry announced. [Although sub-human lackies can also develop the virus as long as they live close to the sources of affluence.They are rarely offered care as they are, of course, totally expendable. ]

According to the Gazette, the experimental vaccine is based on a platform for a candidate that is said to protect against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, or SARS.

Both MERS and SARS are coronaviruses. [Whether there is a connection to the consumption of soft effervescent beverages is not yet clear.]

“You’re blocking the attachment of the antibody to the human cell,” Dr. Gregory Glenn, the senior vice president of research and development at Novavax was quoted as saying by the Gazette. [Again the meaning of this statement was unclear. It could be that he was referring to the detention of aforementioned lackies – though whether he’d refer to them as “human” is doubtful. Thus he may have been indicating his total lack of understanding of any immunological theory.]

“When you have an immune response to the virus, the virus is destroyed,” Glenn added. [Which naive simplicity appears to emphasise the latter interpretation!]

Gale Smith, vice president of vaccine development at Novavax, said in a statement carried by Washington Business Journal that the biotechnology firm will “continue to evaluate” the vaccine. [“We have no idea what it does and need to check out its mortality rate.”]

“Novavax will continue to evaluate this technology to produce highly immunogenic nanoparticles for coronavirus, influenza, and other human disease pathogens with the potential for pandemic and sustained human to human transmission,” Smith said. [Here, at least, he is very upfront about the company’s work! To paraphrase his words: “We shall continue to work to create new diseases in every devious way we can imagine.”]

U.S. patient makes recovery [My, we can’t have that now, can we. What were those nurses thinking of…..]

The news comes after the first American diagnosed with the mysterious virus [How romantic!] was released from an Indiana hospital and is considered fully recovered, the hospital said Friday, according to The Associated Press.

Community Hospital chief medical information officer Dr. Alan Kumar said the patient now tests negative for MERS and “poses no threat to the community.” [“See, we’ve exorcised this devil]

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the patient is an American man. He flew from Saudi Arabia to Chicago on April 24 and took a bus to Indiana. He sought treatment last Monday and was diagnosed with MERS. [What was that? Oh yes, “Mysterious and Evil but Romantic Syndrome………]

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