Nadine’s Cri de Coeur

I wanted to reach out.

I do not vaccinate.

I try not to judge those that do.

I try to inform but not preach and always be respectful.

My friend had a baby last September.

He was crawling, standing, beginning to walk, saying the typical words, eye contact, normal moods and normal sleep patterns.

He had his vaccines at his one year checkup.

He has stopped crawling, will not stand, will not make eye contact, will not say ANY of the words that he was saying previously.

Has odd fits of “rage” and hits and punches things.

Makes sudden movements and thrashes out of nowhere.

He has stopped eating…its almost like he has forgotten how to, and will only drink milk from a cup.

He will not sleep but for short periods of time and it is not in his crib as it previously was.

My friend is devastated, as much as I am screaming “I told you so” on the inside,

I would never say that to her.

Her pediatrician is saying that sometimes babies regress….


He just happened to regress within 24 hours of getting his vaccines?

Where do I tell her to go?

What do I tell her to do?

I have never vaccinated my boys.

I never intend to.


Why are our screams being silenced?

This is a child.

Now after vaccines he will never be the same.

Its a sin, its a shame, it’s COMPLETELY preventable.



Nadine, posted to VINE, November 2014

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