“So, it’s like a great big conspiracy, is it?”


“All those people, all over the World, in so many locations and disciplines all plotting together to make sure that vaccines are still used and that reports of negative outcomes are ignored?”


“Come on, I cant buy that, the NHS, all those professionals, they wouldn’t allow this to happen. They want the best for their patients, for their public”.


How do you bring on board those who have no direct involvement – or realisation of involvement – and who have always lived assuming you need vaccines to keep you safe? Does it matter to these people? Need one open their eyes?

Because we are straight back deep into “Conspiracy Theory” and the murky areas such discussions delve into.

Shall I perform a CT scan? Meep, meep, zip, zap, zoodle. OK, scan done and I have to report the good news that utterly nothing showed up. That’s right, there is no trace of a conspiracy here.

So what is going on? How is the lid kept on and the spread of malcontentedness  so rarely reported. How is the show kept on the road despite all the indicators that it is just one huge big con trick?

Every piece I write is a stand alone, a separate chapter, but based on an amount of my previous utterances. I have previously looked at writings to online discussion forums to depict the manner in which Joe Public views the subject. I do not visit such sites any longer simply because the aggression of the pro-vaccination posters , or numbers of them, has grown to frankly unacceptable levels. Death and personal injury threats, coarse insults and out and out denial of chronicled facts. These are a group with an agenda.

“A group? Come on, I thought you said there was no conspiracy.”

Conspiracy: A secret plan or agreement to carry out an illegal or harmful act, especially with political motivation, a plot.

Theory: A plan formulated in the mind only, speculation.

So, no theory here. This is actual. This happens. These people are paid or groomed or a bit of both. I once happened upon two of them, messaging  each other about a newly posted contentious and pro-vaccination article on “Huffington Post”. They were discussing what they would say to the anti vaccination element “when they find this article”, suggesting ways to make them squirm and insults they could sling. A bizarre sport and as far from rational discourse as one could get.

You see there are many structures, many long established hierarchies and networks  being defended here:

  1. The reputation of the medical practitioners. For two centuries they have toasted the benefits of vaccines and, unlike so many other false medical icons they’ve kept Jenner right up there on a pedestal and cannot start to think that maybe he was an insane charlatan, any of whose patients were lucky to get away from him alive.
  2. The vast profits these days generated for the pharmaceutical industry by the global penetration of the practice. Now grown from two or three jabs per child and far from comprehensive coverage up to dozens given out under near military planning and with obvious aims to build schedules of adult vaccines as well – flu jabs, for example. Yes, they invest much capital in product development but afterwards jack up the stakes and use a weird social blackmail to drive governments to purchase the commodity and so make sure it is used.
  3. Which brings me back to politicians. Oh my, really, if ever a theme was made for the candidate running for office, it is this one: “Yes and, of course I will put health at the very top of my agenda. New vaccines will be brought in to tackle all your ailments. There may even be one soon to make him want to go to school, smile smile, chuckle chuckle, you have to vote for me.” The admission, as Edwina Currie had to, that a jab she’d recommended for one shot giving “A lifelong protection from these three ailments” [measles, mumps and rubella from MMR], actually did emphatically not achieve such effectively ruined her front bench career.
  4. The Economy. Yeah, the whole schmuck would topple. NHS would be devastated, the government in tatters, Big Pharm out on the pavement begging when this all got to court. When the full impact proverbially hits the legendary fast rotating cooling device then there will be such an almighty schplatt and so much compensation to be paid out there will be total bankruptcy. It must be noted here that the United States Government AND the industry recognised this looming pitfall a good three decades ago when they set up a no blame scheme for Big Pharm. Even if you have 100% proof of cause and effect – your jab killed my child/precipitated his autism/gave him SSPE – you cannot sue in the States for compensation. Instead you go to the Government who give you hell and, if they give you anything, do not admit flaws and make you sign confidentiality clauses to keep the story suppressed.
  5. Big Pharm impact on the media through advertising or its removal. Print or otherwise distribute damaging information and you go bust. If “New Scientist” print a full investigation on the Collateral Damage arising from vaccination or even start to question the supposed science of the industry then how much longer would they remain “the leading popular journal of science”? One week. Simply that – they would be dead.
  6. Friend of mine is a research geneticist who has input into gene modification and its use in pharmaceutical products, including vaccines. He’s talked through these issues with me and essentially says “Yes, you are absolutely right and I agree with you totally. I couldn’t say so, of course. I’d lose my research funding and my job soon after.” No, really, that is exactly what he says. He goes on “Well, we’ve got to get the girls [now in their teens]through their education and pay for the house.” And the holidays and the general good, middle class lifestyle. No problem just so long as you keep doing what you’re told………
  7. And there are many other disciplines also deeply knitted into the fabric. Police – who have to arrest the parents for “shaken baby syndrome” or simply “cot death”. It’s just a job, they perform as instructed but, deep down, subtle educational processes obviate the policeman’s need to investigate. Given the cause – the demonic parent(s) – he looks no further and does not question the responsible medic’s input. Job done.
  8. Then there’s judges who sycophantically hang on the every word of their “expert witnesses” such as “He Might Now Be A doctor Again But My How That Shows Corruption In The System” Dr Roy Meadow but rule as invalid or irrelevant testimony by the grieving and now indicted parents. Such as the late Sally Clarke, a lawyer  who Meadow effectively condemned to death with his lies, deceits and misdirection. Not content with killing the children so the system then finished off their mother, after convicting her of their death and imprisoning her. After her eventual release – on a convenient technicality and not an “Oh my goodness we were so wrong – please accept our most humble apologies and regrets and let us do all we can to help you rebuild your shattered life”. No, they just let her out and she had lost all will to live. Hell, you would have too – think about it!
  9. And there are social workers – shall I go there? Bless them, hard working souls that they are. Working all hours in oh such dangerous communities. And, my, there’s all that paperwork. And meetings, case studies and, well, you have to liase with SO MANY other interested parties and agendae. And what with Maisie having trouble at school and I just could not get the car to start and I had to pop home to see to the plumber and then go and get my flu jab. How could they ever even question their visit to Ms X to find evidence of her mistreating her six month old baby? How could they be expected to doubt the GP’s report?

I could but won’t go further. There is no over-riding conspiracy. It is not needed for the system is self monitoring, self correcting, even. It does require a lot of hard work from a lot of committed folk to keep the show on the road and the major groups involved – that’s 1 and 2 above – provide all the drive for that. But they are not “conspiring” – they are just carrying forward their faith, their belief in this system.

Yes, I do believe Big Pharm employs – uses – minions to post online and perform a host of other public interactions. I mean there’s the Grim Saachis of this world who take instruction, gross fees and alter people’s perceptions. Hi Tec Big Pharm have product to sell and as the rewards are so enormous it is a market they need to maintain. They are also survival and profit driven and their vision flows through a very constricting tunnel.

So different companies sell flu jabs, measles jabs and so on. In competition with each other but all assume the products work as sold. They develop new product to fill new perceived need. Yeah, of course they create need, they push dangers of infection. So measles rose from common right of passage two weeks in bed with comics to catastrophically life threatening infection we must all avoid ever contracting. B*llsh*t. It’s only any danger to the malnourished and poverty stricken third world kids who don’t die of measles – they die of that poverty.

Big Pharm also have near total control on the publishing of research evidence. In fact, they dictate what research is ever carried out, by and large. If they don’t think your proposals will assist or grow their business why should they fund it or even smile upon it in any way? And they’ll tell their friends what they think. Another friend, in the US, works on autism and deep genetic “defects” that can be examined. On her blog she discusses sundry such details as well as related issues. With such overwhelming faith she describes minute analyses of supposed errors in coding fragments of DNA, hypothesising how such tiny variations in order and selection of nucleic acid sequences could be translated into observed behaviour modifications in autistic individuals.

There is no way such correlations can be made and she knows it but still goes back to her lab bench to churn out more such drivel. Why? Because it is funded, of course. Who by? Oh, come on, join the dots………

Which just leaves the medics, bedrock of the health service, who will do their utmost to care for and assist their public/clients/……. GP practices are paid a bonus, a fee, for reaching 90% of their infants vaccinated each year. They are happy to do this because they know it is a good thing. Why should they be any different from the general public. They have grown up with the belief that vaccines keep people safe. They, themselves, will have been multiply vaccinated as kids and as students. Some must even carry vaccine damage. Now that would be an interesting study! [ASD is a spectrum and the “good end” has been well chronicled as containing very mentally retentive, if rather narrowly focussed individuals. Excellent as medics?]

So why do they not respond more sympathetically when confronted with cases of obvious vaccine damage – cot death, asthma, allergies, hyperactivity, autistic spectrum disorders etc, etc.

Like the doctor, the GP, whose own son became progressively more and more autistic the more MMR jabs his dad gave him. Challenged on this the poor benighted doctor said it was pure coincidence and would have happened anyway. This, I believe, is very common although this particular guy was making a side career out of the issue, which I found particularly alarming. Sort of “NO. That cannot be true. I don’t even want to think about it. I wont think about it. Because it is not true. Whew, glad I worked that one out.”

Also known as “Cognitive dissonance”!


I should also mention Hospital Managers. Like the one who recently remarked to me “Anyway, I thought I told you that I never want to talk about this with you again”.

But you manage a children’s hospital where so many of your clients are generated by collateral damage to vaccines? How can you NOT be interested?

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