When did high tech science get grafted into the Vaccine Voodoo?

OK, here’s another conceptual difficulty with generic  Jennerism. When did a country quack’s diabolic corporeal carving and inpasting of putrefied puss stop being the clear and imminent danger to public health and morph into what is now a hi-tec  generated impenetrable fog of mystic screedings, disguising the fact that they are still carrying out exactly the same process?

No, what I really mean is that if Dr Jenner were to appear today and even suggest any of the practices he carried out he would be brought before the Star Chamber of the General Medical Corporation and be subject to the very worst of their incantations before being burned at their professional stake. His career would undoubtedly be at an end, his reputation in tatters and he would lose all his friends and ex-colleagues. Probably he’d head off to America but, hey, that’s another story!

Somehow, in the interim two hundred years, instead of its being lambasted as a crazy intrusion on anyone’s good health and consigned to the deepest dungeons of “terrible things we used to do”, like sending young kids to work in cotton mills or soldiers to “fight” in the trenches or using toxic heavy metals like mercury in household potions, instead of that we have elevated this insanity to Global Saviour status and are ever extending its import and application. Based on no plausible evidence and utterly no open investigation of its oh so common collateral damage, vaccination is a medic’s favourite tool.

And, of course, “Big Pharm” loves it to pieces as a multi billion dollar mint.

Always the process has killed willy nilly. Death tolls from Jenner’s actions far outweighted any theoretical “saving” of folk from the pox. Some would say Jenner’s wholly unsterile and clearly dangerous practices were the pox – certainly horrendous reactions would result from any such “medicine” today.

Any member of the GMC want to stand in line so’s I can cut a slit in his arm – nice and deep – and then rub some septic, infected puss into the slit? Then I can bind it in a piece of cloth and you can go away and say you won’t get ill from the pox. Might just get septicaemia, mind, but, hey, who cares about such a trivial detail. Yeah, I suppose it might kill you but, look, you won’t get the pox! Come on now, roll up – you know, well you say, it makes sense. Look, you have even named an institute after this charlatan – in Oxford is now the multi-million pound construct named “The Jenner Institute” to develop more of this voodoo.

So my question is how did this ever get to be “scientific”? There’s two aspects to the use of science today. One is simply the ability to apply methodologies to systems. This is process and not discovery. It is closed system operation, with defined constraints or borders, even. Like exploring a small island, maybe and so saying you understand the world. Whatever, it is not open use of scientific method where you are open always to receipt of new information and ready to reassemble your understanding of the systems you are examining.

Clearly vaccinology – aka “Jennerism” – is stranded on a very small island. They worship the holy Jenner for He saw the future economy of health. Oops, no I meant to say “for he showed us how to fight the menace of the pox”. As I suggest above, his methods were such that he could not have achieved such goals and would, equally clearly, have dispatched many, many people to an early grave.

But such was the power of central governance – even then – and such was the stubborn need of the GMC – even then – not to look a complete charlatancy that the concept became ingrained into medical practice. A glance through “Victorian Pharmacy” by Jean Eastoe will give you an understanding of so many other fallacies of the era, of so many lotions and potions long since banned from use that you wonder anyone survived the period at all.

Sadly, though, Jennerism was disguised. Firstly in about 1860 the first syringe was developed, so obviating the practice of making a gash in the arm – now it was a needle thrust into your skin. “Sterile?” Why of course not, for there was no understanding of microbial infection at the time. People still died in cohorts – whyever would they not?

Into the twentieth century and it went on much the same. Sterilisation arrived – Pasteur, yeah, but perhaps more important was the guy who insisted doctors wash their hands to avoid maternal death from “puerperal fever” straight after childbirth. Otherwise the only change was the early perceived desire to extend vaccination beyond simply smallpox. Pasteur tried rabies and a TB jab was formulated. It is strongly suggested and I am very inclined to agree that the bulk of the mega “flu” “epidemic” post World War One was vaccine driven. Events in the United States underline this interpretation. Even at this stage there was no ability to select, to purify or to deeply analyse the matter that was injected. It was still simply voodoo however it was also becoming a money spinner.

Where there’s money avarice congregates. Here, though, could also be used the tag of virtue – “we work to save you from these terrible ailments”. “Wow”, thought the politicians, “I want a slice of that”. They could run on a ticket of aiding public health and fighting disease. And stuff their back pockets….What, no, I didn’t say that. Did I? Oh, yes, so I did……

As most people who look at, and so understand, the facts know, death from all infectious diseases was dramatically falling as living conditions improved throughout the developed world – Europe, North America and better off regions everywhere. Never wanting to allow truth to overcome a good business model, the newly formed three part alliance of medical practitioners, pharmaceutical manufacturers and politicians drew in several other sectors of society – namely the information media of advertising and news – to instil fear and respect into the public. This became pretty much universal – vaccines fought off the common enemy of disease.

Jenner’s evil concoction and lethal method of administration were dim and distant memory and never discussed as doctors or nurses injected, using sterile syringes a tiny dose of a sterilised extract …….from the same puss as ever. By this time immunological sciences were developing – indeed, my father was a research immunologist for the UK Agricultural Research Council. Proteins in the bloodstream were found to derive from an earlier encounter with a particular infection – “antibodies”. They were shown to be individually tailored to the infectious organism, now christened an “antigen”. A vaccine, of puss or extract from puss or, even, quite a pure separated fraction of puss later cultured on as “the infectious agent” [This is a long and quite well covered elsewhere saga, which I’ll now put to one side.], yes this vaccine can be shown to give rise to circulating antibodies to the components of said jab. The puss extract, that is. This is all the work, we have description, of B-cells and, then, T-cells and hypermutation and Stuff Like That.

But they are still injecting purified extract of puss and still doing a Jenner. And still denying there is any collateral damage and that all the antibodies are needle sharp weapons the body then has to defend itself in future against evil attacks by the dastardly terrorist viral particles.

OK, today they use expensive laboratories equipped with all manner of analytical equipment. I’ve used them and I know they are indeed powerful. But they cannot change the nature of the process. Discussing computer information processing they say: “You put rubbish in, you get rubbish out” and, classically it is noted “You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” (You can make a very cross pig, tho’!). They have attempted to ink in a back story in order to legitimise the whole vaccine industry and, frankly, it just does not wash. Vaccination is just one vast, ongoing fraud.

In itself that’s bad enough but, then again there’s a whole lot else in today’s world which rests on very dodgy foundations – add your own list here! – but what I just cannot accept is the denial of the collateral damage and the treatment of those who complain. Unnecessary death, illness and lifetime disabilities abound which are directly resultant from this process.

Simply, it has to stop.

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