A short note on 2015 Flu provision – note my phrasing!

[Just now this is raw and un-referenced. Refinement and a punchy collection of said references will be added soon.]

“OK, if only 3% of this winter’s Flu jab customers “were protected” that implies 97% of those so jabbed fell ill with “flu”.

Is this “flu” further example of collateral damage?

Shall we estimate 10% of the population at large go down with a flu each winter?

Thus a massive 87% of vaccine recipients developed flu, so way over the population mean.


No, I didn’t think so either!

Statistical anomaly?

Ha, ha, ha!”

The lobby of activists opposed to vaccination have not even noticed this yet – despite my posting on the topic. Yet it is crucial as it so clearly exemplifies BOTH the problem with jabs – ie:

  1. They do not work
  2. They cause collateral damage

References from media

  1. http://www.independentnurse.co.uk/news/flu-vaccine-ineffective-against-common-strain/73646/
  2. http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/556462/Flu-jab-blamed-for-rise-in-death-toll
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