Jenner’s application for funding from the MRC and the Pearly Gates’ Foundation.

Abstract: The applicant intends to develop a natural extract from surface tissue lesions of Bovine species, post the viral infection known colloquially as “Cow Pox”. This extract he postulates will be effective as a prophylactic medication to be used to allow recipients to naturally fight off infection by the often damaging or lethal infection of humans, known as “The Smallpox”.

Method: The initial study proposed will utilise just one subject, the young son of a landworker near to the applicant’s residence in Gloucestershire, in the British Isles. The extraction process, from the lesions on the body of the cow will entail scraping with a reasonably sharp instrument the puss which will, at that time, still be contained within said lesions and collecting it in a glass dish.

Some time later, maybe days, maybe weeks, the young experimental subject will be brought to the experimenter’s premises where he will be prepared for the interaction. His arm will be bared and the experimenter, a licensed Doctor, of course, will use a knife to cut a deep slit into said arm. With reasonable haste into this wound will be introduced a portion of the bovine extract, collected previously. Portion size will not be recorded – suffice to note that “enough” will be introduced.

The arm will then be bound in bandage :

  • To stem the bleeding
  • In order to keep the puss within the bleeding tissue.

Some time later the subject will be brought back to the premises of the experimenter where a similar extract of post-infective puss will once again be introduced into a new cut in the boy’s arm. This time, though, the puss will have been collected from lesions on the skin of a smallpox sufferer. Living or dead need not be specified here but, for decency we shall assume the former.

Once again the bleeding will be stemmed by tight bandaging and the materials introduced kept within the boy’s circulation.

Controls: There will be no control group for this limited, initial experiment – it is based only on whether the boy pulls through the process.

Results and anticipated outcomes: We are uncertain, of course, as to whether the child will survive this process but, if he does, we can create a whole new multinational industry on the back of it.

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