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Vive la révolution!

With reference to the newspaper named “i”, page 11, Friday 27th March, 2015. “Meningitis B: poor children going without jab”, by James Cusick Vive La Revolution – c’est voluntairement! “Thousands of families in wealthy areas are paying to receive the … Continue reading

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Meningitis B a dead cert Money Maker

Radio 4 of the British Broadcasting Corporation is a mouthpiece for The Government Line, the Voice of Big Business and the Emissions of Big Brother. Nothing they include is any surprise to me. I am always prepared, simply, to turn … Continue reading

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Akin to a bottle of whisky for an alcoholic the Government’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) and NHS resolve to give annual flu jabs to all the obese in the UK.

Need I go on? Asked that before havn’t I? Well, some of this is just so obvious and the official responses just so dumb. Look, I’ve got to write this down. In the news today is the above decision. [For … Continue reading

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The Voodoo Ponzi Scheme.

The last few years have left us all tiredly aware of the Pyramid-Max mechanisms of financial skulduggery utilised by the heartless psychopaths of Wall Street and the City of London, and sundry copyists throughout the Global economy. Being able to … Continue reading

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Wheat Belly Up

I have frequently praised this book, this campaign and many of its observations. “But?” Yes, indeed “but”! BUT I have always felt that, for all his long catalogue of detailed references to a whole range of scientific literature, he has … Continue reading

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