The Voodoo Ponzi Scheme.

The last few years have left us all tiredly aware of the Pyramid-Max mechanisms of financial skulduggery utilised by the heartless psychopaths of Wall Street and the City of London, and sundry copyists throughout the Global economy. Being able to keep a straight face whilst someone signs on the dotted line having been assured of the continuing upward trends of the product has been the most apparent qualification to rise up the corporate ladders in the drive to maximise incomes raked up by such companies and the individuals running them.

The Ponsi, whereby the only real income is from new sign-ups to the product placing substantial deposits of real cash – wherever derived! – and payouts are minimised by urging “reinvestment for even greater returns”, the ponsi is derived from pyramid selling schemes, such as for soap, whereby those at the peak of the pyramid are made lavishly wealthy by the lowest levels – the recent entrants – of the scheme, none of whom can ever attain the rewards unless they enrol a complete pyramid of vendors beneath them. Very, very few can possibly achieve such a goal, and then it would only be by “enslaving” others. Such schemes are essentially parasitic and the polar opposite of cooperative ventures.

So  a “Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator, an individual or organization, pays returns to its investors from new capital paid to the operators by new investors, rather than from profit earned by the operator.”

Voodoo ponzi? Well, this is how it struck me in conversation recently. There are several lines of intensification circulating through news and discussion group channels which demonstrate this.

Margaret Kuebler started a chat:

“Well, we all know that vaccines are not about making money. They are about “preventing disease” and “saving lives,” right? Have a look at the trailer for a new report on the Vaccine Technology Market forecasts -2019. Nope, no money in vaccines for drug companies.

“Tell me: If vaccines are so effective at “preventing diseases,” why is the financial forecast of the “vaccine technology market” so dependent on “rising prevalence of diseases?”

“Were diseases so rapidly on the rise, as they are now, in the pre-vaccine era? Or, did we then have to deal only with the basic diseases that were around — you know, those ones that now are proclaimed to be “vaccine preventable?” How could it possibly be that new diseases are on the rise at such a rapid rate of increase only after the religion of vaccinology has found itself so many new believers?”

Margaret pointed out:

“In Vaccine Technology Market by Types, Trends & Indication – 2019, Prasaad Shelke, SEO Expert in Pune, states:

“The vaccine technology market is expected to reach $57,885.4 million by 2019 from $33,140.6 million in 2014, at a CAGR of 11.8%.

“Major factors driving growth of vaccine technology market include:

1 – Rising prevalence of diseases.
2 – Increasing government initiatives for expanding immunization across the globe.
3 – Increasing company investments in vaccine development.
4 – Rising initiatives by non-government organizations for vaccinations.

[Inquiry for more Details > Vaccine Technology Marketbitly]

Chris Hemmings These folk are quite scary. No, they are exceding scary. They, of course, believe themselves to be a force for good……That’s what I find most scary.

Margaret Kuebler How about that calculated annual growth rate of 11.8%? !!!

Wonder what the CAGR of new cases of autoimmune disorders among the vaccinated is …

Chris Hemmings  Exactlty – you can see where/how they get their investors and then it’s probably another Ponsi style business but with the twist being that the market collapses when the truth gets out, when the truth about the whole voodoo charade emerges.

Thus, one way to avoid this eventuality is, indeed, to invent new diseases and to heighten the purported risks from existing ones to the absurd stories that circulate in the media and journals. The recent Ebolevent being typical of this.

Collateral damage must clearly increase as a function of the number of jabs dispensed – either grand national totals or per individual. On the individual I feel it may well be an exponential curve. On national levels I’d need to talk with some epidemiologists. Obesity and diabetes min the states and probably in the UK are both clearly on such an exponential curve, as I have described previously.

Fascinating stuff, thanks Margaret.

Chris Hemmings PS – Page 8 in “i” today  [March 14th, 2015] “Teens to get jab against aggressive meningitis”. All 14-18 yr olds in England will be offered the jab “cases have soared from 22 in 2009 to 117 in 2014, with 24 deaths in the last 2 years“. And, get this, “a vaccine already exists”!


So, that’s contextual for this Ponzi analysis:

  1. They are constantly working to increase the number of recipients.
  2. They are constantly having to increase the number of illnesses to be included
  3. With a globally maxing population this is quite simple unless:
  4. Negative feedback from recipients increases above a crucial level.
  5. Which is why security of the delivery system is currently being so increased, verging on mandatory in many countries already.
  6. And the publicised “dangers” of the illnesses are shouted so loud.


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