Wheat Belly Up

I have frequently praised this book, this campaign and many of its observations. “But?” Yes, indeed “but”!

BUT I have always felt that, for all his long catalogue of detailed references to a whole range of scientific literature, he has not thought the propositions through. He does not explain satisfactorily the whys of the situation, nor attempt to explain how human physiology is unable to handle many of the changes wrought about by recent alterations to lifestyles, including diet, medicine, housing and working lives.

“All in due course” I have felt until last week when I thought I’d take one of my discomforts to him for discussion.

On facebook March 10th 2015 I posted to the Wheat Belly site:

“I remain worried about definitions of Coeliac disease and why there are two types:
1 – the classical emaciated, unable to absorb nutrients, cured by GF diet
2 – the highly overweight, modern neo-coeliacs, who seem to absorb drastically the wheat derived glucose for diabetic obesity and again are cured by GF diet.

“How is this the same condition?”

Wheat Belly replied:

“Variable individual susceptibiity to the opioid mind effects of gliadin-derived opiates and variation in bowel flora.”

Hmm, does that translate into anything cogent? No, it does not!

So : Chris Hemmings

“…….I remain worried…….(continue as above).

“Me, I think the immune deficiency is triggered by childhood vaccination processes. Collateral attachment of immunogenic adjuvant chemicals in the jabs to wheat proteins in the blood stream derived from the individual’s normal diet.
“There are many clear descriptions of the passage of wheat gliadins through the gut epithelium into the blood stream – even through into the milk of lactating mums, for that matter. As I say, cross reaction at the time of vaccination is, thus, a simple side reaction aka “collateral damage”.

“What do you reckon?”

Wheat Belly – Professor William Davis, cardiologist of Milwaukee – did not come back either to explain his original offering or to answer my observations. All I go were a few responses from others on the Wheat Belly site:

Fred DempsterWhy worry? Just don’t eat wheat/grains/oats/corn and avoid excess sugar”.

Chris Hemmings “I dont! Not, however, because I am either coeliac but because, many moons ago, I chose to.”

Ron Gillespie “Excellent point. I think I’ll do that.”

Robert W. Rominger “Like Fred said, your question is irrelevant. Forget about celiac. Forget about gluten,… wheat gluten (gliadin), corn gluten (zein), rice gluten (orzenin), oat gluten (avenin),…

“When you are grain free, you avoid all grains, all the nasty substances in all the grains, including each grains’ gluten.

“The best thing anyone can do for their healthy (celiac or not) is to be grain free.”

And there it ended. Yes, of course I agree that the individual wants a result, they want to lose weight and gain far better general health. They want to absorb nutrients and use them to build a new resilience, to restore their lives to the optimum state – if ever they had known it previously!

But, please, be interested in why the decline had set in. Wonder what had compromised your vitality. Look to avoid the problem for others into the future.

One day I may get back to Prof Davis. His observations on glycemic index and thus the devastating impact of ALL wheats on blood physiology, his delving into history and re-establishing F Curtis Dohan and his work on the impacts of wheat on the mentally ill, eg schizophrenia diagnoses, and his painstaking assemblage of so much published data to support his case are all very worthy of praise, and the results are clearly very impressive.

But it is not a complete picture and needs must be tied into all the other relevant descriptions, analyses and derivations – most of which you will find on this blog!

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