Akin to a bottle of whisky for an alcoholic the Government’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) and NHS resolve to give annual flu jabs to all the obese in the UK.

Need I go on? Asked that before havn’t I? Well, some of this is just so obvious and the official responses just so dumb.

Look, I’ve got to write this down. In the news today is the above decision. [For example: http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/mar/18/morbidly-obese-england-flu-jab%5D Using the observation that obese people are most at risk of suffering flu badly they say that these folk  could and should be given annual flu vaccinations.

William Davis would say, as would I, that a wheat free diet, low sugar, low processed food etc, would cure them. However we live in an era of freedom to set new norms. So they are not “obese”, they are “differentially embodied” or some such assertion. What they are defines the norm – and HAS to be accepted.

So ASD, the autistic type designations, are termed “neurolinguistically variant” or some such escape clause. “They’re not ill, just different” – and we have to adapt our interactions with them to reflect these differences.

So a broken leg is, of course, a broken leg, and all see the problems that ensue and help as and where required. The prognosis is usually good, if disruptive in the short term. Loss of a limb is far worse, as is loss of sight or hearing, because this brings about a permanent alteration to the individual’s capabilities. We all can sympathise and understand such events and again work to ease problems as we can.

Now we are way, way beyond reference to race or colour as impacting on any individual’s abilities. [OK, I’ll exclude police and military from my “we”.] I do recognise, however, conditions such as Down’s Syndrome, where the individual has an extra  chromosome in their genetic makeup. In such abilities are altered and, tho often sweet and charming individuals, their functionality is markedly reduced.

Autistic outcomes can be like this but are usually sadly introspective and hard to interact with. I needn’t go through the staged descent and the clear collateral damage there is to the series of childhood jabs. That’s a given, here! What I can say, tho’, is that the end point reached is that where an altered outcome from that genetically programmed is reached and yet the attempt is being made to describe it as “a normal state – just different to that which you might expect” so “go with it, accept it and do not make critical comments” – as if talking about eye colour or skin colour or similar variant character.

Clearly they are where they are and all have to accept this – although I have such praise for those who steadfastly work to reverse the changes BACK TO THE NORM. [Folk like Shelly Tsforas in New York.] However it has to be regarded as a damaged state to obtain such restoration, to receive greater understanding from public services and, in due course, even reparations from the industry which caused the damage.

As I said, Dr William Davis – of “Wheat Belly” fame – would just say to the obese that they should go on the gluten free diet and, if they did, they would indeed stand to lose a considerable amount of weight. But this obesity in itself is so unnatural. So many, so obese just did not happen even 20 or 30 years ago and, as I’ve previously described, the many pressures on individuals today are all predicated upon the soaring levels of childhood jabs which can so readily lead to both auto immunity and, crucially, wheat sensitivity.

These are the modern Coeliacs as far as I can see. These are the modern obese. If we can stop their immune compromise – stop the childhood jabs – then I strongly suggest that wheats would be far less of a problem and obesity (with its twin ailment of diabetes) would rapidly decrease. Today’s suggestion to give them annual flu jabs, notwithstanding the officially accepted figure of “3% effectiveness” this year for said jab (I kid you not!) would obviously compound the problem and not protect them at all.

I should PS that I do feel there must be both a reduction in overall food consumption and a redirection of food types eaten to a far wider range, irrespective of what I’ve just written. Modern supermarkets are full of so much and so expensive food of so low a nutritional value and, often, actually damaging to health. None of these issues are stand alone, clear, individual stories – there’s always riders.


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