Vive la révolution!

With reference to the newspaper named “i”, page 11, Friday 27th March, 2015.

Meningitis B: poor children going without jab”, by James Cusick

Vive La Revolution – c’est voluntairement!

“Thousands of families in wealthy areas are paying to receive the meningitis B vaccine privately whilst children in poorer regions remain [unvaccinated]. Nearly 80% of the parents who have paid up to £1000 …..are from London, the South and the South East, the wealthiest parts of Britain. The North East, the poorest counties in England, account for less than 2% of sales.”

Is the South East adopting an accidental policy of  what could well be termed “youthanasia”?

Anyway, this is fantastic news for the less well off in society who are being saved from this latest onslaught from the Vendors of Voodoo – in this case GSK, Glaxo Smith Kline who consumed this jab’s developers Novartis earlier this year. They paint lurid, medieval pictures of the grim outcomes for those who fall foul of this apparently predatory bacterium but never, ever wish to investigate physiological or systemic reasons as to why certain young folk ever fall victim to such infections. Why, indeed, their defences are down and how their tiny bodies are unable to use their four billion years in development response capabilities.

Not, you can be sure, for the lack of GSK’s latest money spinner but very, very probably resultant from a previous interaction with the pins of the priests of the vaccine voodoo.

PS – So what exactly is it with The Newspaper They Call “i”? They seem hypnotised by Big Pharm Products. There is a constant stream of these type articles, each and every one as sycophantic as the rest. Sicko-phanatic, possibly! Is it really just the advertising thing that drives this? Or, perhaps there are other mechanisms pulling their levers and twisting their cords. I leave that open to discussion and further musing.


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