Now hold on a moment

UK daily newspaper “Pharmocology Bulletins”, also known as “i”, today reports without question a new, 100% effective vaccine developed at record speed, by the Canadian government against the scourge of Ebola. It is ready to be released into all those needy, African communities having been trialled from March of this year. Africans and, also, well, pretty much anyone who can be persuaded to receive it. “Beware, the vile malificence of this most scheming of virusses – it could creep up on you TOMORROW”.

So what did they do?

In, what, six months they carried out numerous long term trials based on the perceived and measured physiological response to introduction of a fragment of viral material, carried with sundry disabling ingredients, referred to as “adjuvant materials” [“Tail of newt, eye of frog” – that kinda thing…..] into the blood circulations of a number of Trial Subjects. This was, of course, after a long period determining which viral fragment(s) to use and, of course, of course, that there could never be any chance of any collateral damage WHATSOEVER to any of the recipients of the potion, I mean “vaccine”.

This process clearly took shall we say ten to fifteen years, but was MIRACULOUSLY concentrated into less than six months. Now, you may think that Canadians are, well, sleepy, slow and quiet. Not a bit of it! They live life so fast they can cram all those years into such a short time. And still appear dull as dishwater…….

7500 volunteers who had “come into close contact with Ebola victims” were jabbed with this new elixir and NONE OF THEM DIED or even had any “Instances of Ebola”. [And what a grand title for a book that is!] [Well, actually, 16 in the second group did. These were local villagers, where this vaccine damage, surfacing as “Ebola” was endemic and had earlier led to the massive outbreak of Vaccine Collateral Damage, VCD, as I have previously written.]

“With such high efficacy, all affected countries should immediately start ring vaccinations” said monsieur Bertrand Draguez, Directeur Medicale a Medicins sans Frontieres. Mais monsieur, que disez vous? C’est pas possible parce’que le medicin n’a pas une certificate.

[I’ll go back into the safety of my square bracket to add that clearly:

  1. The potion has been ready for a long time, developed in secret, aka without any publicity, and held ready for an opportunity for its release to come up OR BE MANUFACTURED.
  2. The recent “epidemic” was a classic “Constant Gardener” incident or, at least, vaccination fatigue upon malnourished and ill housed populations.
  3. This jab, whatever it contains, will do nothing to improve the health and life chances of the impacted populations. In fact, it can only make matters worse for many, both because of any toxicities but, also, because WHO etc just jab and say “Job done”, then walk away.
  4. If you go to any of these countries, whatever you do, do not let anyone jab you this jab.
  5. Or, for example, the Yellow Fever jab, as the story of stoic BBC reporter Malcolm Brabant can surely tell you far better than I, for he too suffered collateral damage. Luckily he survived and has lived to write the book:]

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  1. lozzafun says:

    Great article…. Re-blogged ‘Finding Truth in an Illusory World’… Thanks much!

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