A modern voodoo?

Illness is scary. When she was less than eight months old our first child developed a life threatening bacterial infection. No, not one of the well known “childhood illnesses” this was a urinary tract infection, UTI, and even that took some time to establish. (Pneumonia was diagnosed by a medical team until their consultant pointed out that the “shading on her lungs” was her thymus!)


UTI we could understand and similarly we accepted the urgent need to give her antibiotics to clear out the infecting organisms. She was still wholly breast fed and had shown no sign of unwellness leading up to this sudden infliction. A few days later she was home again, and life went back to our new normal.


Very soon after she had a relapse – post antibiotic, recolonising bacteria. This time the bacteriology lab told us the infection was due to a soil bacterium. We were told she’d have to be on antibiotics for five years – “until she was old enough to resist” which we baulked at. Another consultant told us “They never get UTIs in Tanzania, where I used to work. D’you know why? They don’t wear nappies!”


After that, neither did our daughter. Nor did she relapse again. Nor did she have any antibiotics after the week was up. But it was very scary. She quite soon after had a brother and a sister and we all lived semi feral, rural lives on a smallholding, with chickens, goats, mud and trees. When the eldest was eight she and her sibs caught chicken pox, over four very stressful weeks, with the youngest being worst impacted, even having spots in her mouth. All recovered and were soon laughing about the event.


Two years later, eldest and her brother developed mumps, but the youngest showed no symptoms whatsoever, despite living cheek by jowl, as t’were. At school, most of the other kids also had mumps and the GP practice nurse, taking confirmatory mouth swabs from my two after they’d fully recovered, said the whole of North West Wales had been rife with mumps. Virtually all despite being “fully vaccinated against the illness”.


Ours had not had any jabs whatsoever. We made the policy decision based on my university laboratory immunology research experience, on a general mistrust of “top-down recommendation” systems and a very severe auto-immune reaction, luckily cured by an “Epipen”, in one of their Grannies. The latter, the next day in hospital, said “I feel absolutely fine now but, twenty four hours ago, I could have died”. We read a lot, I went to a London conference of “The Informed Parent” and we continued very happy with our decision, resolving to be ultra aware of all signs of malaise in the kids and deal with anysuch very quickly. To be “good parents”, essentially.


However, just after our third was born, the Wakefield MMR saga broke out. Only then did we start to see the size and force of the industry. It wasn’t just the GP and school nurse involved. It sank in that in due course our kids would have the same pressures placed upon them to have their own kids vaccinated. We could see no benefits and many negative outcomes from the process.


You see, we are in constant contact with bacteria and viral particles, as well as a range of fungal spores and other micro-organisms. Our skin, our breathing and digestive tracts are constantly reacting to all this biology. We “know” countless different examples – intimately. And keep them all in their places – outside our body tissues.


Over the years subsequently, I have studied the topic in as many of its manifestations and impacts as I can find. From the opportunistic dabblings of an eighteenth century rural doctor, Edward Jenner, who introduced the pus derived from “cowpox” scar tissue into gashes he cut into the arms of his clients and said this enabled them to be “immune to smallpox”, through the confusions between DDT poisoning and “polio”, in the US in the early 1950s, up to today’s MMR scandals or the ludicrous outcomes of “2% benefits to the population” from flu jabs, there are countless exemplars of its folly.


It is the developed World’s voodoo, in fact. The needles so often have the same impact, although medicine promises them to be beneficial! And Haitian Voodoo is, amusingly, homeopathic in comparison as the vodouisants (priests) work indirectly on tiny dolls!


Pressure to conform has been tightened as the industry has greatly expanded over the last twenty years. Andy Wakefield published in the Lancet, the prime medical reporting professional periodical, studies linking the MMR jab to both gastro-intestinal problems and also autism in the patients. He was then made a ritual sacrifice to the Church of Vaccinology, his career ruined by the Star Chamber of the General Medical Council only for daring to urge caution in the vaccination process. He never has been “anti-vaccine” yet is still regarded by the Industry – GPs, pharmaceutical companies, the media, and all the support systems – as a leper.


There is no dissent allowed. “The science is in”, they say. “If opposition is entertained, then vaccination rates fall and ‘herd immunity’ is lost”.


We are not a herd and any such subtle passage of bacteriotypes between animals close to each other happens naturally – without needles – and most importantly between mother and new-borns. The process of vaccination seems, as one of the many examples of its collateral damage, to impact very negatively on the materno-foetal and materno-neo-nate transfer of “immune function” – the ability to defend oneself against infection.


You see, my young daughter was four times ill from infection as infant and child. Twice to bacteria that are not on the vaccinologist’s list, one that is not on the UK list and the fourth, of course, to a virus which the given jab, the MMR, gave all her co-students utterly no “protection” at all. Good health is kept naturally with good nutrition, good housing and good lifestyle.



Chris Hemmings

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