Dr Ursula Anderson, MD, paediatrician since early 1950s

OK, I met this venerable lady just two days ago, and have had two short conversations with her. She is interesting for a number of reasons – not least her resilience in still being here, cogent and travelling twixt US and UK. She has worked throughout the time that paediatrics has been moved from being geared towards personal care into the modern, corporatised, high tech, medicinalised practice. Yeah, she’s worked the the rise to dominance of the vaccine and is thus witness to the rise of all manner of collateral damage from this process.

Her story is a parallel with that of Uta Frith, which I wrote of as “Uta Faith” in “Vaccinology – voodoo science”. Uta does not include any reference to vaccine damage in her work, yet is a bastion of the medical establishment which deals with these outcomes. I argued that, as a result, her whole output is compromised and she seeks to manage and not prevent or seek cures for the sundry ailments.

Then one asks the questions as to whether vested interest comes in “I see no ships” style. I cannot stop this condition being created as we’d lose an excellent income stream subsequently………

OK, here is another. She mentions vaccination early in the following extract but only as context for the changes which were arising in her life’s practice. In conversation, I got from her an understanding that issues needed to be dealt with. “The MMR contains three live viruses and is going to be very difficult for the body to deal with – especially the immune compromised”. She went on to talk of individuals with “mitochondrial deficiency” as most, if not uniquely, susceptible and so, effectively, sidelined the issue. Thus, there are those who will be damaged, but they are a small and identifiable group, for whom separate provision can be made.

No, I do not accept that as even remotely the truth. Those with such inept mitochondria would be so chronically ill, they’d be dead, methinks. However, the increase in all collateral damage, which she would not label as such, she still has had to:
1 – Deal with

2 – Explain

3 – Heal as best a paediatrician can.

Her widespread searchings and much experience led her to finding unconventional routes and she talks of energies and healing powers in a very eastern style. Chakras she did not discuss but did say how the energies were everywhere and she had to draw them down to heal her clients.

So this is from her website and is the second half of the autobiographic note. I hope that I can find time to read some of the books and papers she gave me, that I can put far more substance onto this brief, passing resumee. Alternatively, she has much online and in print that you can peruse……………



From : http://www.drursulaanderson.com/personal.php

A personal biography by Dr Ursula Anderson


Ursula was accepted into medical school when she was just 16. Following graduation she engaged Psychiatry and soon deserted it believing it was too much of a mechanical and blinkered approach to what, even then, she believed were the results of blights on the human soul.

However, her involvement with psychiatry led her to believe that these disorders of the soul began not only in infancy and childhood, but even before in the lives of their parents and forbears for countless generations before them. Her beliefs of course flew in the face of the commonly held theories about the causes of psychiatric disorders, which at that time were often referred to as madness or craziness. But all of this was good because it led to her romance and still vibrant love affair with Pediatrics, which she has practiced in England, Canada and The United States.

Not too long into her Pediatric practice she sensed that it was too focused on the present and not enough on the future. Immunizations and Antibiotics had changed and were continually changing the content of Pediatric practice, while changes in Society were delivering new problems for children and families.


Her research and publications on these burgeoning problems, including learning and behavioral disorders, teen and unwanted pregnancies and the emotional and spiritual damage children were enduring due to the breakdown of so called traditional families, led her in 1965 to ask The American Academy of Pediatrics to take these issues seriously and to create a Section on Community Health. This they did and the many programs deriving from this section are now the most productive programs for children across the USA.

The NEW MORBIDITY of which she spoke 35 years ago has now become the most important aspect of collective Pediatric endeavor. Along the way, as noted already, she drew attention to groups at high risk of morbidity and mortality resulting from unequal access to health care, particularly as this pertained to Mothers and Children. These efforts contributed in no small measure to the establishment of the 3-tiered approach to Peri-natal Care that is now accepted practice.


A word now about those who preceded her in their concern for Mothers and Children and on whose magnificent commitment and achievements she built her own brings an interesting historical note to her journey. Amongst the small band of courageous women who pestered and lobbied the United States Congress to establish a Federal Bureau that would overlook the welfare of children was Rose Hawthorne, the daughter of Nathaniel. One of Ursula’s first appointments following her years at Yale University was that of Pediatric Consultant for the state of North Carolina, which was funded by The Children’s Bureau which Rose Hawthorne and her compatriots founded in 1912. So not only was Ursula born in a house in England near to the one where Nathaniel Hawthorne had lived when he was American Consul in Liverpool, but his daughter also tangentially touched her life through the support she received for her work from funds allocated by the Children’s Bureau which Rose helped to established.


Ursula lost her parents and biological family at a relatively young age but she exults in the world wide family she has created not only through friends and colleagues but in a very special way with needy children. This latter flows from her own childhood when having lost so much during World War II, her parents could not afford to pay for her schooling, so an arrangement was made with the Loreto Nuns in Wales to take her as a school boarder on a learn now – pay later basis. Also there was an understanding that when her parents regained their financial stability, the Nuns would be reimbursed two-fold, which of course eventually took place (probably four-fold). However, several years later, remembering the anguish this had caused and after she started to earn money following the 13 years of her medical training (and in those days, specialist medical training put us on the poverty line) she started a program of scholarships and bursaries for children whose parents for various reasons, found themselves in the same situation as her Parents had been so many years ago. The first of these went to children attending the Loreto School that had helped her out, subsequently they were given directly to needy and deserving students mostly at the high school and college levels. So far numbering 29 in all. Many of these individuals have and are presently pursuing fulfilling and giving careers in many parts of the world. Additionally she has been surrogate Mum and Home to many troubled children and adults, a reaching out that reflects her belief in the inter-connectedness and inter-dependence of humanity and the LOVE of which she wrote 35 years ago.



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