The Thought Police Now Write Guardian Editorials.

The Thought Police Now Write Guardian Editorials

A friend pointed this article out to me. It is another of those seminal, fulcrum moments. Methinks they know not what they write because it is just so far from the mark and has departed from true left wing thinking to repeat word for word the illogical dictats driven into them from above, from the corporate information providers, from their funders, from their minders protecting their positions.

OK, so the original article is referenced here:

But now I reprint it – but with annotations I just had to add:

“It takes a long time for social movements to show up in conventional politics.

The personal becomes political only with a time lag of decades.

The increased toleration and the respect for the individual and the marginalised that appeared in western societies in the 60s and 70s did not make their political breakthrough until the earlier years of this century.

This wasn’t an unmixed good. We tend to think of this rejection of outmoded convention as a wholly progressive development, but the loss of respect for authority has a shadow side as well.

The belief that people should be free to believe what they like has led to the rise of fake news, and of infantile fantasies of the triumph of the will.

[Surely this has always been the case, both in the media and also in everyday life where folk often tried to pull the wool over other people’s eyes, or such actions. Politicians have always lied – way before social media. Now we just have another form of deception but, as ever, one has to read between the lines.]

These burst into electoral politics last year, nourishing both the Trump campaign and the Brexit referendum. [So how come The Guardian did not rail about this problem BEFORE the Brexit result came about?]

But such thoughts [ie their earlier statement that “people should be free to believe what they like”] had been incubating [Very colourful word to use in this context!] quietly for years inside the anti-vaccine movement. [All of us paid up members of said organisation? All of us quietly pondering about belief systems?]

Whether it’s latest manoeuvring in global politics or the ‘and finally’ story that’s going viral, you’ll be bang up-to-date with the news that counts. [They then wrote “Read more” and jumped into polemic……]

[This is, in fact, their no holds barred approach:]To refuse to have your children vaccinated is an attack on society in much the same way as tax evasion is. If a refusal to vaccinate only endangered the children whose parents deliberately put them in harm’s way [This is how they view families where a rational, science based decision is made to refuse the damaging and wholly unproven process named vaccination. And they equate it with tax evasion!], it would still be wrong because parents do not have an unlimited right to be irresponsible [Nobody has any right to be irresponsible. Ever. At all. Another perverse comment from the Guardian] It can be argued that so long as very few people do it, there is very little irresponsibility in refusing to vaccinate a child against a risk that remains distant if everyone else acts for the good of society.

Similar arguments are used to justify all sorts of fraud. [And quite frankly the vaccination scam is the most gargantuan fraud in medical history.]

But when children who might be vaccinated are not, their parents are both exploiting herd immunity and contributing to its breakdown. [We are not a herd and there is no such phenomenon, anyway. Immunity, such as it is, is an individual capability and is a measure of one’s physiological ability to fight off infection. We, every single one of us, carry out this process 24/7 and 365 days of every year, against a multitude of potential such events.]This is plainly wrong and should not be tolerated. [And Big Brother goes off to sulk……]

The French government has just announced that children there must be vaccinated against 18 common childhood diseases. This follows the Italian decision to make vaccinations against 16 diseases a condition of entry to school at six. These measures may feel disturbing to society’s liberal instincts, but they are entirely justified as measures of collective solidarity [Right on Brothers – my, have they just read The Communist Manifesto?] against disease.

The resistance to vaccination in the rich world is also an example of post-religious movements reproducing some of the obnoxious habits and beliefs of traditional religion. Opposition to childhood vaccinations came from fundamentalist religions, as it still does in the border areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan, where health workers have been murdered by the Taliban. This strand of resistance, though, comes from societies that reject modern medicine partly because they are excluded from most of its benefits by poverty. It is much easier to believe in miracles [They are no believing in miracles they simply reject the clear negative outcomes of the vaccination process.] when no alternative cure is available.

The antivaxxers of the western world are very different. They are often rich [I wish!], and enjoy plenty of access to the conventional medicine they despise until they need it. President Trump – who else? – has also embraced discredited theories [“Discredited”, the word they always use, does NOT mean disproved – in fact it is used to describe the process of harming someone’s good reputation in order to cause him harm. In this case Wakefield was and is the target but the underlying facts remain unchallengeable. Although autism is a vague diagnosis, there are clear similarities in outcome of kids so described AND their onset is directly and closely linked to receipt of vaccines.] linking vaccines to autism, instantly popularising dangerous fringe thinking with his tweets and speeches.

Hypochondria meant, originally, anxiety and depression, which are very serious conditions, not to be mocked.[This is just wrong – the condition is specific to excess worry about one’s personal health.] But it has mutated into a form of anxiety that damages other people far more than the sufferer. In a sense, the antivaxxers are carriers of a condition that is as contagious, if not so debilitating, as the physical diseases they also spread. [Now naming “antivaxxers” as being the modern lepers, carrying illness with them where they go. This is so wrong and deeply sad. It is almost a new racism. Never vaccinated are both very healthy and also are very reactive and resistant to infections – having a fully functional immune response system, uncompromised by vaccine derived auto-immunity and other such collateral damages.]

It must also be controlled as a matter of public health. [George Orwell revisited – this is the most blatant exemplar of Newspeak I’ve seen for many a year.]


July 14th, 2017



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