How many scientists……….?

“How many scientists does it take to change the proverbial lightbulb?”

“Well, what an interesting question – we must spend some time and produce an accurate answer for you. Initially, I can already see that we shall have to carry out some preliminary investigations, so’s that we can frame our research projects and get the true depth and, indeed, breadth that such a study will require. To this end I have already undertaken to contract the services of a talented group of researchers that I have worked with previously on similar projects and whose scope and capabilities i can personally vouch for.

“When I am in receipt of their initial reports and have had time to absorb their implications I will move to frame the way forward sequentially, with an aim to gradually, but conclusively build up an answer which you will then be able to utilise in order to request of us further clarification of the subject as seems appropriate to you at that particular juncture.”

About greencentre

Non grant supported hence independent scientist, green activist, writer and forest planter.
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