In brief

Responding to a medic complaining about the scourge of anti-vaxxinators in a letter to Camden New Journal (Who?!) I wrote:

Dear Sir,

As a scientist, I do not see evidence for alien abduction or faeries. Nor do I see Andy Wakefield as having committed fraud. He did not.

I am not a “vaccine denier”, I only look at their use in an objective manner. What I see is a fundamentally flawed ideology, a faith in a process drawn without question from primitive alchemy. It has simply been modernised but is still based on eighteenth century Hocus-Pocus.

I see both collateral damage – from sudden infant death to chronic lifelong illness – and an “effectiveness” guaged against flawed parameters.

We need independent and objective scrutiny of such medical practices, not to be told that the science is closed and completed!

Yours sincerely,

Chris Hemmings


Well, I’d have published it! Sadly, they didn’t, so I keep it here for posterity.

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