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Oh dear: “Inoculate vaccination commission from fake science”.

This is my minimalist approach, as I only want to illustrate a single, particular detail here – so bare with me! We have the new US President proposing to appoint a Kennedy to chair a Commission into the collateral damage … Continue reading

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“So, it’s like a great big conspiracy, is it?”

And “All those people, all over the World, in so many locations and disciplines all plotting together to make sure that vaccines are still used and that reports of negative outcomes are ignored?” And “Come on, I cant buy that, … Continue reading

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When did high tech science get grafted into the Vaccine Voodoo?

OK, here’s another conceptual difficulty with generic  Jennerism. When did a country quack’s diabolic corporeal carving and inpasting of putrefied puss stop being the clear and imminent danger to public health and morph into what is now a hi-tec  generated … Continue reading

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Of a Finn, flu jabs and corruption – same ole story, really!

Tony Delamothe, deputy editor, BMJ, wrote  in his mag on 14/1/2010, as media panics drove talk of global flu catastrophe[ ] “If influenza was a rock band [Sorry about his corny analogy, but we’ll have to bear with it I’m … Continue reading

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