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Bad Science. Very Bad Science.

There is a journalist/doctor who supports MMR, hates homeopathy. Has the name Goldacre. His column is “Bad Science”. Very Bad Science!  I kind of went off on an if moment. Just think there’d been no vaccines but we’d got here … Continue reading

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Immunobiology – superb science built upon a totally flawed assumption. Part Five – Towards a Bio-Medical Ecology

Yeah, so I’m really impressed with all the detailed and complicated investigations carried out by all these dedicated professional Immunobiologists. No, I really am. They’ve put together so much detail on the tapestry that, from a distance, you see a … Continue reading

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Immunobiology – superb science built upon a totally flawed assumption. Part three – Jenner no more.

I’ll give Dr Tetyana’s comment some context by reference back to my father’s research, and that of numerous colleagues at university research labs around the world. They all found dietary proteins and their peptide derivatives circulating in the blood stream. … Continue reading

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On infant dosed antibiotics and childhood obesity – setting the scene for the adult obesity plague?

  Margaret More and more and more manure on antibiotics. Check out these maps. Of course, we know that the more doses of antibiotics given to children, the higher their BMI as they age! Shout it out: Use of antibiotics … Continue reading

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So how do we contract Typhoid? Enteric bacterial sagas and those cash rich vaccinators

This – – has turned up a few times recently and I’ve kept on putting it to the side, principally because I’ve not had the time or the original papers but, hey, academic can come later – now I … Continue reading

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The Annul Hypothesis

Emily Williams has a Science blog to which I was recently directed. She works “On autism” so it’s easy to see where I’d found a link. This may be trite, but she appears to be a “born again” scientist, living … Continue reading

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Originally posted on greencentre:
What is “Evidence based” information? And why start talking of it now? OK, there’s a double puzzle. Up until fairly recently (say, up until the start of the 21st century) this was not a phrase that…

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