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A short note on 2015 Flu provision – note my phrasing!

[Just now this is raw and un-referenced. Refinement and a punchy collection of said references will be added soon.] “OK, if only 3% of this winter’s Flu jab customers “were protected” that implies 97% of those so jabbed fell ill … Continue reading

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“So, it’s like a great big conspiracy, is it?”

And “All those people, all over the World, in so many locations and disciplines all plotting together to make sure that vaccines are still used and that reports of negative outcomes are ignored?” And “Come on, I cant buy that, … Continue reading

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Sometimes you just gotta laugh……….

Experimental vaccine for MERS developed The experimental vaccine is based on a platform for a candidate that is said to protect against SARS. [We’re not gonna commit here…] Al Arabiya News Sunday, 11 May 2014 A U.S. biotechnology firm and … Continue reading

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Immunobiology – superb science built upon a totally flawed assumption. Part Four – Methinks they do protest too much

Flicking through the book, or settled down reading great chunks of it, one picks up several undercurrents. One is, as I have mentioned, a Jenneric influence in support of Him, the Almighty Vaccinologist and Noble Saviour of All. But there … Continue reading

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Of a Finn, flu jabs and corruption – same ole story, really!

Tony Delamothe, deputy editor, BMJ, wrote  in his mag on 14/1/2010, as media panics drove talk of global flu catastrophe[ ] “If influenza was a rock band [Sorry about his corny analogy, but we’ll have to bear with it I’m … Continue reading

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