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Compare and contrast Vaccines and Antibiotics – for good or evil!

Ok, so let’s look into  the difference between vaccine and antibiotic, as some tend to equate them in terms of their supposed beneficial contributions. Well, apart from there’s never gonna be a rock band called “The Antibiotics” or, indeed, “The … Continue reading

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Herd all the noise and the accusations?

On cross generational immune transfer. And why are clusters of measles outbreaks on the rise? Fingers are pointed at those who choose not to have their children vaccinated as creating reservoirs of measles infection within the community. Fingers waggled by … Continue reading

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Sin-thetic Biology

There’s much talk of the “new science” of synthetic biology circulating at present. There was even a report which had me check my calendar that it wasn’t April Fool’s Day – a group of friends gathered in a box room … Continue reading

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