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Deepest Congolese Disease

“Too dangerous to publish?” asked the AAAS, of the controversy regarding the possible publication  of data concerning the makeup of a plausibly virulent form of Flu Virus. What if it fell into the wrong hands? Quite clearly if an area … Continue reading

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On patents and India

There’s moves afoot in India to free certain overpriced drugs from their manufacturer’s patent protection as they can show folk ailing and dying as they cannot afford to purchase these chemicals. In this the Indian legal system has strong grounds … Continue reading

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Why are socialists so in awe of science?

I am so flabbergasted by the left, and even the radical left,  being heartily behind the vaccination scam that i had to put on me cap an’ think about it for a while. After due cogitation it slowly began to … Continue reading

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Am I a bioterrorist?

From :  International Medical Council on Vaccination, Facebook chat room – February, 2012. ‎“The collector has requested the public to inform the police or the nearest health centre, if they have any information regarding anti-vaccination groups or about their campaign.” … Continue reading

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Uta Frith

Uta Frith Is a jolly, smiling, retired, naturalised UK dwelling, German, Psychologist/Neuroscientist, married to similarly trained Englishman. She forty years ago came over and embarked on a career investigating Dislexia and, later, autism. She thinks both are inbuilt, innate … Continue reading

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How’s this for Dogmatism?

“How can we demonstrate or exemplify the quality of good science ?” Elizabeth had asked, elsewhere, but I felt it needed promotion to a separate discussion. Me: Good scientists: Archimedes, Gallileo, Newton, Darwin, Andy Wakefield Moderate scientists: Mendel, Watson &Crick … Continue reading

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Scandals in the works – BSEM meeting, London, Feb2011.

Scientific Scandals – the British Society for Environmental Medicine, BSEM, meeting, London.March 11th, 2011. Dr David Freed – “A tablet a day keeps the patient at bay”. “Blimps versus nuts” – trust neither and believe no one (some kind of … Continue reading

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