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I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff and I’ll lie like the best of ‘em -ington Post

As part of the institutional stramlining process they seek ways to better corral parents into the vaccination scam. These days, the media jump at the contracts to put out their propagandising. Even the once super-trendy-super-radical-Huffington Post. Sic transit gloria. A … Continue reading

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The Nature of Institutional Thinking (Sinking…fast?)

Who’d have thought it? Leading scientific journal “Nature” is just as tied into the pro-vaccination, Big Medica Status Quo as all the other organisations and journals. Here they review a review compiled by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), an American … Continue reading

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Herd all the noise and the accusations?

On cross generational immune transfer. And why are clusters of measles outbreaks on the rise? Fingers are pointed at those who choose not to have their children vaccinated as creating reservoirs of measles infection within the community. Fingers waggled by … Continue reading

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More than my jobsworth, part three

I dealt previously with the issue of why socialists are so struck with vaccination and later introduced the Leninist-Stalinist interpretation as a chatroom edit. There is one further sector in this general bag and they are the worst – because … Continue reading

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I know WHO not to believe

OK, this is a direct lift and just raw and awaiting any edit other than the layout of the piece I found online. Reason being the subject matter is crucial and I don’t have local sources available on this side … Continue reading

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The Voodoo of Vaccination

Doctor Ben Goldacre, he of the withering cynicism against homeopathy and other alternative medicines, he with the cognitive dissonance about Big Pharm (Hates them but loves their products!), he who worships Edward Jenner as the patron saint of the Church … Continue reading

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The Technician

In fact the Immunogenetics Technician, set the following task on a discussion platform I got called in to: “Vaccination is a bloody good idea and it works. Discuss.” Me: Well, I got invited in and, as it’s early in the … Continue reading

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The Leninist-Stalinist perspective or Animal Farm revisited

On the left wing libertarian site people were asked for views on vaccines. Thaddeus Scotia POISON … Gov’t controlled death … Nenko Manolov The backbone of the healthcare system. They create customers for life. Jake Tompkins Skate they are a … Continue reading

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Professor Mark Kendall – I wonder if he’ll get this one to stick?

Professor Mark Kendall, an Australian vaccinator, appeared at the TED fest in Edinburgh a couple of days ago to push his Great New Idea in vaccination. And an inspirational talk it was – in fifteen short minutes, destroying pretty much … Continue reading

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So how do we contract Typhoid? Enteric bacterial sagas and those cash rich vaccinators

This – – has turned up a few times recently and I’ve kept on putting it to the side, principally because I’ve not had the time or the original papers but, hey, academic can come later – now I … Continue reading

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