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Viral passports?

Here’s simply an observation: Any virus that enters the human body is alien and sensed as such. It’s shape and size are immaterial – it can be up to no good and is so recognised. There is no passport which … Continue reading

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Andy, this is very difficult for me to write…..

Some things are very difficult to say. Like if a friend’s spouse is being unfaithful despite the friend’s deep commitment to the relationship. You know all the sordid details and every time you see your friend you are so torn … Continue reading

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When is an antigen not an antigen? Answer: when it’s an adjuvant!

My initial title for this was “Offit’s antigens and the myths of mass exposure” but somehow that didn’t work with “the system”. OK, I guess I’d better start with some: Definitions: Offit – Individual demonstrating how corrupted capitalism is an … Continue reading

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